Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bringing the Scotty Home...

Gary checking the trailer along the way.
Ok, so here is a picture of us bringing our little Serro Scotty home last week.
We have made several "Home Desperate"(Depot) runs and today was no we brought home flooring, window & door screen fabric, plexi glass, nuts, boltz, paint, curtain rods & other 'stuff'' to work on our little trailer.
My "Mother's Day" gift will be working all day on Mother's Day on the trailer! lol!
After all I only have 26 days to get the trailer ready for my first outting of the year with some of my 'Sisters on the Fly' girlfriends.

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  1. Hi Grace, I am doing the same thing on Lady 1962 Shasta we are trying to get ready to bring to the NW Gathering...hope we make it the deadline...Sheryl 777