Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Serro Scotty & Me....

Am I having fun yet filling nail & screw holes with wood putty???...
The new & improved screen door Gary built for the trailer
This was the origional paint scheme in the Scotty. Somewhere along the way someone painted the whole interior powder blue... As much as I would like to re-create the origional paint, I think I will stick with a clean cream color allowing me the versatility of changing the interior decorations with out having to be locked into a limited paint color.

Ok, what is it about the Hub's & me?...that we always have to disassemble things???? Aacckk!
I have less then 24 days to be ready for my Sisters on the Fly camping trip & here we go again, tearing apart the 2nd it to much coffee or just a natural curiosity or do we just love to 'stress ourselves out',,,lol!
Anyhow, here we go again, creating more work when we only have a small time frame to get the Scotty ready.... Do feel free to put on your 'grubbies' & come help! lol!


  1. Not me...I got my own stuff to do and no trailer yet.....:(

  2. 2 trailers is perfect....we had a little mishap on our first outing over the weekend....I wish I were you and I could fix her my will have to visit my blog...I am still in shock!