Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Scotty is coming along...

getting ready for paint...
Coppertone be gone.......
Well, I finished painting, 2 coats, of Country White on the interior walls & ceiling. Saturday I will be painting the cabinet doors & drawer fronts in a turquoise...Gary painted the Coppertone icebox & stove in a turquoise (Blue ocean breeze by Krylon) with black looks awesome!
I'll post pictures this weekend after we re-install the stove & ice box.
The new electrical has been installed so we need to install the wall lights next.
Gary got the running lights all hooked up and working,,,That's my man!
Everyday we make a little progress and the Scotty should be ready in 2 weeks!


  1. Looks great! I got a new scotty on friday. Giving her a good scrub later today!

  2. Hi Grace, Kind of fun but a lot of work! I hope to have our 62 Shasta ready to take to the NW Rendezvous...check it out on see you soon.Sheryl 777

  3. Thanks for the pics, Grace! Looks like sooo much fun:)