Monday, May 30, 2011

My Little Campground....

After having two of my gal~pals, come camp out with me on my property several weekends ago,,, I just did not have the heart to put my little Scotty back in the barn,,, so I left her out, and have enjoyed going out to sit in her daily....usually with my 2 kitties...

I keep the area around the "Gnome Home" (Scotty) cute like a little campsite, complete with Flamingos... The hubby and I can go sit out by her when we want to enjoy the evening... The fire pit, is always ready and so is the Citronella candle! lol! It's that time of season when we get hit hard and heavy with 'skeeters! I think in the next week or two I will pull out trailer #3,

aka~ Farmgirl on the Loose, set her along side the 'Gnome Home' (Scotty) and then it will look like the beginnings of a sweet vintage trailer park,,,after all, like they say.... "Build it & they will come (& park & camp) lol!

Happy trails!

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