Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What do you do with ?????

What do you do with cute Birthday Cards? Well you frame them ofcource!
A dear friend of mine spotted this cute card and sent it to me for my B-day....so I naturally had to put it to good use....I bought a cheap plastic (light weight) picture frame,,,spray painted it pink, added a sheet of scrap booking paper (stripes) and Voila! instant cuteness....

First I sat it on the table, by my new trailer curtains...p.s. notice I spray painted the curtain rods pink?...

But the glare made it hard to view...so....I decided that it would look cuter over my chenille curtains above the sofa/bed...and yes, I painted those curtain rods a too!

The vertical stripes in the frame match the vertical stripes in the chenille fabric.

(I need to find a 'globe' replacement...this one is just too round & blah!)

I luv spray paint, bits of fabric cheap photo frames & re-purposed cards...

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