Monday, May 30, 2011

Scotty Door...

I just could not stand the 'plainness' of my Scotty Door so out came the painters tape, & spray paint and here is the end result....
Clean blue door, framed chalk board and pillowcase door window curtain.....
AAHHH! Much better!
I had a 1/2 can of chalk board paint (left from another project), a can (actually I keep several of this blue on hand for trailer projects) of Ocean Spray Blue paint and a window of opportunity to get some painting done!
Gary miter cut the wood to frame the 'chalk board'... I can't cut an angle to save my life! lol!
Then I re-purposed an old pillowcase given to me by Juli, and am using it for the door window curtain..(Thanx Juli). I have a piece of pink ribbon that I will use to tie the curtain open when I want light in. I love when a moment of creativity & good weather hits! lol!
Wagons HO & Happy Trails!

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