Sunday, May 15, 2011

Who Say's I am to Old for a Slumber party!?!

Happy May, Happy Trailer Slumber Party....Happy Girlfriends Weekend!

Juli, Mig & I enjoying a fantastic lunch after a very successful day of Junktiquing!

And boy-o-boy did we haul in a jeep load of Trailer decor...a must for every trailer fashionista!

Juli admiring our 'Sister Trailers".... Juli's is on the left, a 1959 Terry and mine is on the right, a 1963 Serro Scotty....

"Sister Trailers" Let the Trailer Slumber Party weekend begin!

Mig enjoying the morning after a wonderful slumber in her cute beach themed 1971 Shasta.

"Glamping" is all about vintage trailers & friendships....with a little Junktiquing tossed in for good fun!

Left to Scotty, Mig's Shasta & Juli's Terry...cute to the 10th factor!

Check out the window in Juli's trailer...(click on the pic to 'embiggen'...)

Here's looking at you!

Even a couple of Flamingos came to join in the fun!

Juli called and said..."we need to take a break from being an adult",,,,

so let the "Slumber Party " begin!

I called Mig and before we knew it,,, there where 3 trailers on my property and Gary was chopping fire wood for our "fire pit".

The weather forecast was for rain,,,but Mother Nature gave us a break & we had a sunny weekend with only a few sprinkles,,, Thanks Mother Nature!

We shopped till we poor jeep was so full of "treasures" that there was barely room for our feet! Now that's shopping! lol!

We capped off the evening with pizzas and beer. Afterwards we settled in to watch "The Long Trailer" starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez....followed by more incredible edibles!

As always, Sunday was 'pack-up & head home'...but along with our trailers and all our must have junk finds, we take home wonderful girlfriend memories....

Lucky me, I had the shortest drive,,, just back into the garage! lol!

Happy May, Happy Trailer Slumber Party weekend, Happy wonderful girlfriends weekend.

You're never to old to be a little girl...So take 'Spontaneity' by the vowels & go have fun!


  1. Now that is cuteness with a capital C!!!! Great practice run for June 4th! Looks like you all had a lot of fun and I love the time can you get pics of the insides? Love to see that!

  2. We had so much fun and all because of a phone call and a bunch of sillyness. We laughed and sang and that was before the margaritas. I would go in my jammies anywhere with you two!!!