Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sweet Memories....

This sweet trailer (not mine) is a 1963 Fleet Craft.....

This sad little trailer is a 1963 Fleet Craft that some fool decided the easiest way to deal with wood rot was to cut the back off the trailer.... AACCKK! and yet I still bought it, drug it home and said, "Honey, how much do you love me???"....

Here I am down in McCall, Idaho at a 'Sisters on the Fly' Glamping trip... this cute lil 'Oberlin' belongs to my gal~pal, Juli.... Poor thing, she only has 3 vintage trailers & an's a good thing she is one of my dearest friends or I would be green with envy...

How cute are these?....these are hand crafted cards..... Oh how I wish I were that talented.

I spotted these trailers on a blog while I was trolling through cyber-blogland! OMG! these all belong to one gal who has set up her own lil vintage trailer park.... I wonder if I can talk my hubby dear into letting me set up a 'Trailer Park'!

In the spirit of Christmas,,,, I saw this cute 'Gingerbread Trailer'... I don't think I could eat it,,, it's just way to cute!

This Serro Scotty trailer brochure was recently up for auction on ebay,,, it sold for $28.00.... I was sooo very tempted to bid on it, but for $28.00 I can buy a lot of fun trailer deco stuff...... but that doesn't mean I am not on the watch for one of these.....

Having to put my Serro Scotty away for the Winter has been so disheartening... I so miss spending time in her. But Spring will be here soon and she will get to come out and play again.

The good news is, Trailer #3 aka 'Farmgirl on the Loose' is coming along nicely..... I have a ton of stuff I have been collecting for her... and I need to sew the curtains still, but I am having a tough time deciding on what type of fabric to use. I still need to sew the covers for the bench cushions as well as make the bed skirt...but since we still have 3 months of snow, I'll have plenty of time for sewing!
The good thing is, while in my sewing room I can dream about all the upcoming Glamping trips that I am planning on.

Today I had lunch with two of my 'Glamping co-horts in crime'... Rene & Heather. We have the best of time, best of laughs & the best of dreams.

It's not how vintage your trailer is, or the brand, or how you decorate it.... it's about the journey and all the memories and friends we make along the way... Happy Trails & Wagons HO!

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  1. So true....miss glamping so much! Can't wait to see your new one all dolled up!