Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thank You Denise....

what sweet retro cowgirl kids! I luv it!

Wahoooo! Giddy-up lil pony!

Oh my Goodness! look what came in the mail the other day,,,, from one of my 'sista' Sisters on the Fly....Is this cute or what!

I can hardly wait to put it to good use this summer when Glamping!

Thank you sweet Denise and Happy Trails!


  1. You are a very bad girl....I don't think you are getting anything else for Christmas...you are not suppose to open before THE DAY!!BAD! I'm telling Santa.....

  2. Oh you lucky girl Grace! That pillowcase is adorable! Clever Denise!

    Love ya,

  3. Love the fabric. I've been day dreaming about what I want to name my trailer if and when I get one... and I am thinking about The Bunkhouse. Your fabric would go with my theme.

    Now to find a trailer and convince my husband to redo it. The sad part is a neighbor has one decaying behind her house but she won't sell it....she is old and blind and there is no way she will ever use it...is that what you call a hoarder?