Thursday, December 1, 2011


I have often been asked, how do I come up with names for my trailers and how should they name theirs..... my answer, let the trailer tell you.....and I do!
Well for my 1959 Aljo.....I had been toying with many deco themes when I came across this lovely tattered scarf in an Antique store in downtown Spokane.....and I immediately knew I had to have it so I bought it and brought it home. Later that evening I was perusing through an older issue of a "Victoria" magazine.... and that's when the voice in my head said.... "Gracie's Victorian Rose" and from that moment on my Aljo became Gracie's Victorian Rose.... I love the roses and the dark woodsie colors.
My dear friend, Juli knowing that my Aljo would be a mix of Victoriana and Roses with a hint of cowgirl, came across a framed painting of a rose on what once was a piece of dress fabric cut from a wedding dress. So even though it will be a bit longer before my sweet Gracie's Victorian Rose will be road worthy, she has her hope chest full of frillies and bling.

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  1. What a lovely the are going to have one really gorgeous trailer!