Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trailer Stuff and More!

I found these cute little child size pink cowgirl boots at the local thrift... I think they will make cute 'catch-alls' for what-nots & flowers.... at least until one of my grand daughters is big enough to wear them!

I love the white ceramic Hen & Rooster plaques... they will go into Trailer #3 along with the cross-stitched picture under them. The Mirror I haven't quit decided whether to put it in the Scotty, Trailer #3 or the is so very dainty. The little shelf will go into trailer #3,,,but I just might paint it white first....maybe....

My lovely friend, Bev, sent me these goodies.... a journal for when I am Glamping...vintage Cookie cutters, in the perfect country farm kitchen colors of red & green....and OMG! 'aged' pillow ticking fabric! How did she know I was in search of some? And what's a vintage trailer with out some sweet vintage doilies..... Thank you Bev.

My Glamping Gal-Pal, Juli sent me this sweet little trailer ornament & doilies,,, and the card is just precious! Juli knows I love doilies, doilies & more doilies! She is such a motivator, not to mention gifted writer.

As some of you know I received this Koolieo trailer night light from Kristina aka 'fieldsofthyme' she is a wonderfully talented crafty lady. Then my dear friend Pam, sent me the tin Trailer lunch pail. Pam & I have known each other since our late teens and use to live a few condos down from each other... raised babies together & promised when we grow old, we would sit on the porch, sip tea, do our needle work and gossip about grand babies! I can hardly wait! (the tea & gossip part, not the growing old part! lol!)
Old Man Winter better hurry and get over before I collect & stash way to much stuff for my trailers! If that happens, I might be forced into having to hunt for a 4th trailer! lol! I even have the theme in my head.... 1950's Audrey Hepburn! I can see it now, black, white & dripping in glamourous pearls! Just don't tell hubby dearest! lol!

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  1. I won't tell if you let me stay with you in the all black an white!! lol That would be lovely!

    Nice goodies and wonderful friends, who could ask for more?