Friday, June 29, 2012

Camping Fever...

OK,,,so what's a "sister" to do when she see's a fellowrette sister heading to the camp grounds? why stalk her of cource! lol!
So here is the story, Heather & I were out  hitting some yard sales, when we spotted this cute little "Bell' trailer heading down to the River (where we camp for Farm Chicks weekend)... So Heather and I decide to follow this cute little trailer,,, because it looked familiar and thats when we spotted the license plate frame that said "Sisters on the Fly" now we knew it was a fellow sister....When we arrived at the Ranger station we pulled along side the trailer, and got the drivers attention... it was none other then Kim, sister #2372...OMG! So we all headed to the campsite, hugged & then helped her back in and set up her "E-Z-Up" which by the way is not that easy! lol!
Kim and her "Bell of the Woods" trailer are just tooo cute!
But the story gets better.... while Heather and I were out at some yard sales in town we had spotted a cute and very new SCAMP trailer and I had mentioned how I missed my sweet 1976 SCAMP, 13' trailer and kind of wish I hadn't sold it... so fast forward... after we help get Kim setteled in,,, in pulls this,, the very same SCAMP, and sure enough it was the one we saw.... ok, how wild is that!
Gotta love the Sisterhood of Sisters.....
Sisters on the Fly,,making Girls out of Women....and friends for ever.....
Happy Trails!

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  1. Some things are meant to be!! What a way to top off a thrifting day!!