Monday, June 18, 2012

I Don't Want to Grow Up!

I don't want to grow up~ I am getting older but I refuse to get "Old"!....

To say I had no idea about ageing is absurd!
As a child, I saw grandparents were old....
As a teen I scoffed at parents were old....
After all, age and getting old meant you had grey hair, wrinkles, wore bi-focals and were clueless....
or so I thought!

As a young adult, I despised getting old, I had no time for it, but I feared it,  that I would become 'like my parents'...

And now here I sit, wearing bi-focals and reminiscing, and embracing it... discovering that this 'age' thing isn't all that bad,,,, I can take aspirin for my achy joints, wear 'readers' to do the daily crossword puzzle or cross-stitch, and have an excuse for getting up umpteen thousand times to go to the bathroom in the wee hours of the night!

Now that I am here, and a member of "AARP"......I can embrace age, to be free of the 'ties' that controlled the very directions of my life.
Now I can do what ever I want,,, stay home and putter or travel the ends of the globe.
I can relax on the patio ever so leisurely while enjoying a glass of OPOLO Wine, preferably white,,,
Or sit out by my favorite river bank and just hang my toes into the water...I can even go Glamping and be silly with my non-judgemental old/new friends wearing petticoats, cowgirl boots & hats!.
I can play with my grandchildren and then go home when I am spent.

This 'age thing' is allowing me to have the best time of my life, and to be silly with my husband of a gazillion years and with whom I want to travel the ends of the globe with. 

Don't get me wrong, I still worry about things, finances, the economy, health and whether or not I am wearing the right shade of pink lipstick with this T-shirt!
I am still a 'List Maker'... but I noticed my list is not as long as it use to be and I am not as obsessed with completing it, I am even beginning to scratch things off my list as I realize they really are not that important.

I am not competitive as I use to be,,,I am no longer defined by a 'job title', a cookie cutter house with a manicured lawn, pricey shoes and matching handbag...or the right shade of red hair~dye #5....
I don't even worry anymore if friends drop by unexpectedly and my home is less than stellar in cleanliness.

I miss 'home' back in Southern California dearly and daily... I have heard people refer to California as the 'Land of Fruits & Nuts'.. maybe so,,, but I guess that is why I fit in so well, because I am Nutty about California. 
But life does not stand still, neither does aging... and isn't it all about stepping out of ones 'comfort zone'?
I have learned and am still learning to "Let Go, Let God" direct my path.
I now find it is more important to go outside, to garden, to putter in my trailer, to stomp around our little 5acre ranchette in my battered old cowgirl boots,,, with a kitty or two in tow or to have 'date night ' with my hubby, even if it is just a trip to Taco Bell.
I now just want to play,,, and play I shall!
So, I am 'letting go' of the constraints of 'age' and am embracing each new day and the 'gifts' it brings.

Good Bye 'Old Age' and Hello 2nd Childhood!  Bring It ON!


  1. I will never grow up! I might grow old and have a wrinkled up body but there still lives a kid inside!

    Yep - Bring it on!

  2. Such a beautiful post! And a wonderful attitude! I agree 100% but I refuse to join AARP! LOL

    Terry in Oklahoma

  3. As I read " I Don't Want To Grow Up" I thought this is me. I get up in the morning when I want. Eat when and what I want. I go camping and fishing went I want. So many I's but at this stage of my life why not. I've worked for over 40 years and raised 4 children. So not it is MY TIME. Not that's a title for a story. K