Sunday, June 17, 2012

More Fun Than Anyone!

 There was so much fun and silliness and cameras to capture the fun.
 Shaking our  'booties' and our 'petticoats'.... lol!
 Carolyn's 'baby bottle' wine glass... so cute and handy.
 Miggy 'flashing' her pettipants.... What happens at the campground, stays at the!
 The Wine Trailer Tour...everyone's  favorite event.
 "Out Glamping" can always spot "Martha Crockers" (Linda's) trailer...thanx to this cute re purposed license plate sign.
 Juli's 'TLLT'   (the Little Little Trailer) her mascot on Glamping trips.
No Glamping event would be complete with out sassy cowgirl boots.

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