Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Trailer Candle Cozy

 Last year at Kamp Karen's  one of the ladies, Denise, made a cute little candle cozy (below) for Karen as a sweet Hostess Thank~you gift..  (top one is mine, below is Denise's)
Well, I have been wanting to stitch one up ever since...but as usual,,,time slipped away and I had forgotten about it until just I decided to make one for myself....  I made mine a wee bit different from Denise's and I had so much fun in doing so.  The fun thing is you can make them from felt or from wool, and almost entirely out of scraps. For mine, I used silver snaps as the 'wheel' and I used black snaps for the ball on the hitch. I like both and I have decided to make a 2nd one,,,just because I can!  I have a stash of wool that is/was formaly skirts and jackets, cut up, laundered and felted (in the dryer) all of which were bought at the local Thrifts for a dollar or two... Gotta love re-purposed crafting!   Wagons HO!

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  1. How cute!!!! I might have to try one myself!