Sunday, September 23, 2012

Around the Camp...

 This is where we arrived before entering the campgrounds.... but our trail rides, traversing the winding mountainous trails brought us up to the almost 6000ft level.
 My 'home away from home' the first night....and let me tell you, the nights get bond chilling cold!
 Saddle Camp..... just because we are disconnected from civilization doesn't me we can't decorate!
 Camp puppies.. Oh how these 2 little pups got the royal treatment.... with 8 women to cuddle and snuggle with them, no wonder these pups are pooped!
 Our daily meals were prepared by Dutch Oven.... And let me tell you, we ate Great! Even the desserts were prepared in the Dutch Oven..... there is an art, and science to Dutch Oven cooking,,, knowing exactly how many briquettes to put under and over the  cast iron pots,,,,and how long to let cook... Annie, our cook had it down to not waste briquettes,,by stacking the pots.
If you are prissy and a clean freak, this is not the trip for you..... The water heater for the shower was not working and let me tell you,,, washing up with ice cold creek water is not for the faint of heart!

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