Thursday, September 20, 2012

KampKaren 2012

After we all returned to our homes, families and chores...we were off and running again, this time to Karen's ranchette for "KampKaren"..... hosted by Karen & her side-kick, Dash!
 This is Dash.. quite the handsome fellow!
 This is Karen,,,, who has discovered her inner cowgirl this summer!
 This is the massive yard sale finds that we just could not live with out!
 Mornings are always quiet.....for both the trailers and their occupants...
 Ah ! I have been spotted by Handsome Dash!  Dash got an overdose of attention this weekend at KampKaren.
 Where is everybody? Surely they aren't out yard~saleing again!?!
 Juli's cute little alter ego trailer, "Iron Pony"..... I luv the awning.
 The backside of my trailer was a comfy place to relax...and yes, that is a purple Christmas tree...what? don't you decorate your trailer with a purple Christmas tree in September? And did you notice the box it is sitting on? That's a vintage 'port-a-potty' that I scored at a yard sale for $1.50 I was so excited to find it!
 I love Carolyn's, "M&M" trailer..... (menopause & medicare).....this is 1 of 3 trailers that Carolyn has.
 Overview of KampKaren. front row, left to right: Deeanne, Mig, Linda and Karen's trailers.
Back row, left to right: Toni, Juli, Carolyn, Cori & my trailers.
 I found this 'Bustiere' at a yard sale & the girls insisted I model it... Linda tried to help my hook it up...
 AIR! aacckk! it was so tight I could barely breath....and to think women wore these for the sake of beauty and the perfect figure!
Ok, that's better...but I still can't breath!
Another year, another fun filled weekend at KampKaren. And it goes with out saying.... "what happens at  camp,,, stays at camp!"... lol!  Now someone get me out of this thing!

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  1. Oh you girls sure know how to have fun! Look at that darling figure of yours! Tight or no tight, you got it babe! xox