Monday, September 24, 2012

Off to the Bitteroots We Go!

 (l to r) Linda, Patty and me... last day in civilization,,,in just a few hours we will be devoid of all moderen technology and conveniences.
 Cold but refeshing... got my tootsies soaking in the Snake River.
(l to r) Juli, Patty, Karen, Linda, Jess, (not in photo is Shawn and Alexis or me)
We stopped off in a little town, hit the Deli for lunch then we found this lovely place to relax and enjoy.
Next stop,,, Base Camp ~ Triple O Outfitters camp.


  1. That surely looks FUN! Hope you had fun! Not sure if you are in Montana, but that is my favorite state and I spend lots of time there...

  2. Hey W.C., we were on the Idaho side..... I hope to get out to Montana in the Spring,,, I only live a 'hop-skip-jump' away...about 2 hour drive.
    Thanx for stopping by.

  3. Grace I LOVE your hair! You look like a cutie from the 1950~60's! Adorable you! xox