Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I am Back!

OMG! Have I been gone that long?
I have had a wonderful time Glamping & Camping and riding the trails of the Bitterroot Mountain Range....
SO where do I begin?
 It all started with our annual 'Sisters on the Fly shops the Farm Chick Show'  in Spokane... as always we Glamp at the river....and as always, Mig gets the party started! lol!
 We have such a fab-u-los time,,,meeting up with old and new friends....
 Then there is our (3rd) annual outing at Juli's camp down in Elk Idaho...
 I spotted this cute little set-up as I was towing my trailer over to Moscow, ID., to meet up with Juli before heading to Elk, ID.
 Sweet trailers all in a row,,,,doors open and ready to show!
 Our theme for this year was "Queen of the Trailer Park"  and oh did we have fun!
 Toni & I are former SO. CAL. Gal  Divas!
 Then there was 'Cowgirl Camp, part 1'  at Juli's over in Moscow, ID.... Cowgirls Rule!
 I camped in Juli's Cowgirl Palace, a 1958 Oberlin trailer done up in total cowgirl~esq.
 Juli has an amazing sunflower maze to which Karen & I could not resist playing in!
 At the end of the day it was nice to relax by my temporary home...
 and here is Miss Patty getting some quality puppy time with Ed's dog, 'TLR"...
Oh and it doesn't end here.... stay tuned for more fun on the trail.....

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