Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Farmgirl on the Loose aka #3

 Dolly~girl was a bit antsy today so I took her out to 'trailer #3' to putter... she liked snooping around and 'chillaxin' on the bed...can you blame her?
 truth be told,,, I seriously was thinking a nap might be in order!
 It's great to have an oven in this trailer in case I ever want to make and bake Scones....
 I still need to re-paint my ice crusher to red...
 Meet "Ms Buttons" (red hair) and Ms ApplePie (grey hair)... they are my mascots as well as a reminder of my past days of having red hair ( I think I was nearly every shade of red that 'Lady Clairol' came out with) to now with my hair going, going, almost gone grey hair! lol!
While pulling my trailer out of the barn, I forgot to take my hanging lamp down and well,,,it broke to Bupkis! After I cleaned up all the broken glass I remembered that I had this opaque globe that I had painted and was using as a candle holder.... hmm, sure enough it fits and is even more cute then the other globe that was on this lamp base.  It all worked out well....

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