Monday, July 23, 2012


Never underestimate the value of small jars....
I collected a bunch of baby food jars, to use as luminaries for this years Farm Chick/Sisters on the Fly camping weekend... I just added a wee piece of ribbon round the jar...and as you can see,,,,,
for safety sake I used those little faux votive/tea light candles... I found them at the local $1 type store
in packages of 3 for $1
I have also used real candles in small jars.  Easy Peasy if you pleasy.....

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  1. Your jars are charming, I like the little ribbon touch. I have a few little jars that I have setting in my kitchen windowsill . . . they make great little vases for small bouquets. Just a couple daisies and my little vase in filled . . . they make doing dishes a little bit sweeter. I love your blog!!!

    In reply to your comment on Strumming and Singing, I believe that everyone has a good voice . . . don't be sly, just sing and enjoy. If anyone says anything . . .it's their problem . . . "the old goats". Have a marvelous day and thanks so much for stopping in. Connie :)