Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tony Lamas and T.V. Trays....

 Ohhh,,, sooooo pretty......
 I can't believe these are mine!
I spotted the Tony Lama boots at a quaint little vintage shop out on the west side of Spokane...but being frugal as I can sometimes be,,, I passed on buying them... but thought about them for several weeks... then just last weekend, the hubby and I were in the vicinity of the little shop,,, I bribed him with a Frappaccino to let me poke my head in to see if the boots where still there....and guess what! They Where!  So I tried them on and in a New York minute... they were mine!  What are the odds of them not only still being there, but in my size!   SCORE!
The T.V. Tray is a fun little project I did, thanks to an idea in a recent Country Living magazine.. now I have a wee little table for my wee little trailer, 'Farmgirl on the Loose'... I decoupaged photos of friends and Glamping trips..... Now I need more trays...because I have lots more Glamping photos!


  1. Oh, Oh I want a pair!!! I so want a pair of red boots. There was a pair on ebay my size but the shaft would have covered knees. I'd look pretty silly walking! I so love yours!!!!! You have fun this weekend!!

  2. great boots!!!!!!! good for you!