Monday, July 30, 2012

Trailer Trolling.....

 On my journey down to Elk, ID.... I did some 'trailer trolling' along the way,,, most times I was driving and couldn't get any photos...but I did manage to get these two! The wee little 'Tear Drop' belongs to a couple who where on their way south to meet up with friends... is this the cutest little 'mini me' you have ever seen?
Then I spotted this 1958 Aljo out behind a local Thrift store down in Moscow, ID... It was probably a real good looker in it's day but sadly has fallen into major repair.... looks like it might have been used as a hunting trailer...( the springs had been flipped to raise it higher off the ground for off road towing.).
I did see several other trailers, but again going 60mph on the highway, towing a trailer makes it kinda hard to stop and take photos...sure could have used a co-pilot... lol!

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