Friday, August 3, 2012

and more fun!

 Me (lt) and Toni (rt), It's all about being a 'Girl' no matter how old you are!  :>)
 My silly Lavender Queen outfit..frumpy and dumpy.. but I LUV my hat! A great last minute Thrift find. Altho' you can't tell, I am wearing rhinestone framed glasses.... A Queen has to have her Bling!  :>)
 Channeling their inner "Ester Williams" (lt to rt) Toni, Carolyn, Karen, Patty, DeeAnne & Bonnie.
This says it all!   :>)


  1. Hadn't read your blog for a while so I had a great time catching up. Love your glampers!

  2. Well, you girls sure look like you are having fun!