Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Girl Camp Fun....

 Don't you just love these sweet trailers?....we jokingly refer to them as our 'Alter-Ego'...

 Whether your trailer is vintage, or brand new... it doesn't matter,,, just as long as you have fun!
 Juli surprised us with these sweet little cupcakes,,, that have ab-so-lutly "O" calories! lol!
 Linda is having a blast making the 'chicken' do the 'Chicken Dance' was a Hoot!
Ester Williams wanna be's..... like I say, 'it's all about the silly'.....

I actually have lots of trailer photos on my Nikon camera but my computer won't download them so I will have to download the pics on my hubby's computer and then transfer them over to mine... maybe tomorrow if I can manage to stay out of other mischief! lol!

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