Sunday, August 26, 2012

What are Friends For?

 What are friends for? for laughs and tears, mischief and mayhem, support and encouragement and a whole lot more!  Here is a photo of myself(lft) and Juli(rt) this summer's Farm Chick Glamping trip.
Right after this trip I had cut off all my hair and sent it to "Locks for Love"... now I have very short hair... no longer am I a middle aged Hippy-Chick in cowgirl boots and hat! 
 so in honor of that,,,Juli donned a "Groovy" wig, tie dyed pants & t-shirt.... Peace!
 Oh and then there was our "Breakfast at Tiffany's " (aka~ my kitchen) ...once again,,Juli channeled her inner Diva!
Ah, the real Juli,,,, not only is she a true horse ridding cowgirl,,,but an avid gardener not to mention a true blue Vintage Trailer Glamper!

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