Monday, August 20, 2012

FleetCraft...Then and Now!

 This is a 1964 13' FleetCraft camp trailer.....(not mine).
 This is MY 1964 FleetCraft with it's rear end cut off... (a previous owner's solution to wood rot repair!)
This is a 1967 15' FleetCraft.....

According to the sale's add... it has twin beds/bunks.
I have not found much info on my little trailer..which has a front kitchen and a small-Full bed across the bed...and no Banquette/dinette...I can't help but wonder if maybe mine too had a small/twin size bed on one side and a small banquette across from the bed or maybe 2 twin beds with a table in between.... Anybody out there in Trailer Blogland know?

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  1. I just bought a 1965 Fleetcraft. Still trying to find out more about this seattle based company! Love the look of these vintage travel trailers.