Friday, August 17, 2012

Two Weeks?

OMG!,,, has it been 2 weeks since I last posted? yikes!  and I still have photos that I have not down loaded- up loaded- loaded loaded from Girl Camp! lol! But I will, as soon as I can figure out why my Nikon camera is copping an attitude with my computer.  My Canon works fine,, but my photos are on the Nikon. Go Figure!
 In the mean time, come on in and see what I have done in the Scotty....
Yep, I luv the 'curtain' screen door both the Scotty and  #3 have lace curtain screens....
 I have very limited space in the Scotty,,,and the banquette was bugging me because it made the inside feel somewhat claustrophobic,,,so I decided to remove the table (it's stored in the barn in case I want to put it back in the trailer) and I found the perfect little foldable table, at Wal-mart of all places...set it up, draped a vintage table cover and Wowzers! I now have space to move and yet still a table for my morning coffee and what now it's easier to sit down on the bench seats....before, I had to squeeze in,,,and I am not that big a person, so having guest's made it really cramped in there...and to think...back in 1963...a family of 4  could camp in this trailer! Umm, my hubby dearest is 6'1"... needless to say...if we had 2 kids,,,we'd have to make them sleep on the roof! lol!
Now to remove the wooden table stop (flange) and replace that spot with a piece of carpet...hope I still have the left over carpet in the barn...worse thing, I go to Lowes and buy a new piece of carpet and re-carpet that whole section (I mean...Hubby get's to re-carpet ).....


  1. Glad to see you back! I know your head was so far in the clouds for all the fun at Girl Camp, it took awhile to come back down to earth. Love the redo on Scotty!

  2. Love your little trailer!!! I am on the hunt for one of my own to fix up this fall and then I'm hoping maybe I can join you guys on your girl camping trips!!