Friday, August 31, 2012

Harbor Freight

Ok, first I have to tell you,,, "Harbor Freight" is to my hubby what 'Hobby Lobby' is to me! lol!
So today the hubby and I made a (not so) quick trip into his favorite store... "Harbor Freight" and look what we found.

 Hubby feels it is wise to keep this in the Jeep in case I ever come across another old trailer or what ever,,,
I won't have to worry about the lights not working.... so in my Jeep along with the Hitch it goes.
Actually it's probably not a bad idea to have on hand just in case my trailer lights go on the fritz!
 Then look what we found... how Koolieo are these... this is a under counter battery operated lite bar....and each light can turn and tilt... Perfect for dry camping... it uses 6 AAA batteries  and it has a dimmer.
Ok, even tho Harbor Freight is my hubby's favorite store...secretly I love it too!  


  1. We keep a set of the brake lights in our truck just never know what you might find!

  2. We bought three of the same lights for our trailer that we are restoring. We have decided to only have one plug in and no electric lighting. We have always gone dry camping - so this way we stay a little close to our norm! To see what we've accomplished so far: