Friday, November 27, 2009

Origional Mustang Sally Apron

The western apron is an original Mustang Sally Apron......
How cool is that! it is a retro bark cloth western fabric and will look so cute when I wear it while cooking over a fire pit while camping in my 1959 Aljo with my Sisters on the Fly group.
The pink~n~blue one is a vintage crochet apron that will be used in my 1963 Scotty...notice the cute vintage salt&pepper shakers too!
I was in a Western Apron swap with Sally, a fellowrett farm gal on the MaryJane Farm forum.
I luv all the cool stuff she made & found for me.
Thank you Mustang Sally

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SOTF Pillow

Every gal needs a monogrammed pillow case......I have mine!

"Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyways!...John Wayne".

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our Recent SOTF Get Together...

Well here we are, good friends, good food & good gossip! lol!
These are some of the gals that I camp with, with Sisters on the Fly.
Seated front left, back, around and front right are:
Teresa#430, Raunnie #442, Sandy #555, Tony(new) Heather #1156, Thea #525, Kelly #714, Nancy #697, me #472 and Jane #1234
Even though our sweet little vintage trailers have been put to bed for the Winter, we gals still manage to meet up and discuss upcoming trips as well as reminisce about the fun we had at past ones.
Our next meet up will most likely be in December, over in North Bend, WA...if the weather will cooperate!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tucked in for Winter...

Well it's that time of year,,,when we tuck in our trailers for the Winter.....and already I am daydreaming about next years trailer outings.....but till then I will have to just keep dreaming and making more goodies to decorate my trailers. Speaking of which...I have crochet a pink & blue rag rug for my 1963 Scotty and I also made an(other) apron to use when in my '63 Scotty...this one is brown with grey & pink Scotty dogs...if you click on the pic you will be able to see them better.
The western album is actually a b-day have no idea how much I want to keep it for myself!
As for Peek-a-boo kitty, she is such a camera ham.... I love this wonderful book. It has all sorts of wonderful vintage trailers in fact 2 "sisters" from our Sisters on the Fly group have photos of their trailer in this book.
I love curling up on the sofa and looking through this delightful book. But even more,,,,I am looking forward to the book that Irene Rawling's is creating on Sisters on the Fly and all the wonderful events we attend as well as a lot of our trailer in it...The book is due out in April 2010.
I know I can hardly wait!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scotty Pink & Blue

Ok, I got the little coffee pot and the metal basket painted "Scotty Pink & Blue"....
So what do ya think?
I love spray paint!

Barbwire Art....

OK, so this is too cute & would look cute in my Aljo, don't you think?
I spotted it in a model home but the agent had no idea where it was purchased. Bummer!
Wonder if I could re-create it using some of our scrap barbwire....but where can I find the iron cowboy bronc busting.....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Trailer Crafting Fun.

Here I go again......give me a can of spray paint & I will find something to paint! lol! The next time you see these items(first warm day I am heading out to the Man Cave) they will no longer be these colors....The tall coffee pot was originally yellow, I painted it this soft green, now I think I will paint it pink just for kicks -n-giggles!
The lime green basket was white, I painted it green to match the decor in my SCAMP trailer which I no longer have so the basket will become Ocean Blue to match the blue in my Scotty trailer.
As for the little yellow coffee pot, I am thinking pink with blue polka dots! It will also go into my Scotty.I LOVE spray paint! This is my newest pillow case that I made for my Aljo trailer, Gracie's Victorian Rose. It is a sweet westerny flannel with wide ric rac & my 'Sisters on the Fly' ID number embroidered on it.
I am so glad I have an embroidery I can embellish everything I sew up for my trailers.
So like daddy always said..."if it moves salute it...if it don't..paint it".
Happy Trails to you...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Last Post.....

Oh my Stars! has it been that long since I last posted here on my trailer blog????
We have had such a busy summer with laying irrigation lines, and house guests that poor hubby & I just have not had time to work on the Aljo, so she sits naked as a jay bird out in the Man cave....I have managed to whip up a few crafty items to decorate my Aljo with....and here are two of them....the picture frame was a white plastic faux wicker picture frame....I tossed the goofy picture and painted the frame red...I will either put a mirror or nice picture in the frame. Now the tin match keeper I found at one of my favorite vintage/antique shops, and for only $3....needless to say, I painted it, decoupaged on a piece of Roy Rogers & Dale Evans fabric and then glued on some rhinestones....pretty glammy, don't ya think?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Need (WANT) One of These!!!!

Wouldn't one of these look soooo cute next to my trailer????
I found a shop that carries them, and in colors too!
I think a pink one would be perfect for a my Serro Scotty trailer.
For a mere $150.00 it could be mine. Guess I had better start saving my loose change.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Firemama's Trailer...

Ok, so Heather & I have been bugging poor Amanda aka firemama, to get a vintage travel trailer so we can go on "Glamping" outings.
I guess Amanda finally got tired of constantly being bombarded with e-mails from us to "check out Craigs List"... she & her hubby found one yesterday and brought it home. So needless to say, first thing today I was over at Amanda's house checking out her new "home on wheels".
It is really cool inside...great big windows and really roomy for a 14footer. It is a 1971 Breeze. Not sure who it is made by but no it's time to start decorating....Amanda is going to have such fun.
Now there are 4 of us, (in the 'neighborhood' so to speak) with vintage trailers, Karen~kpaints, Heather~pickles, Amanda~firemama & me....and as I type I am working on another girlfriend, encouraging her to find her perfect little 'home on wheels"...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cute, Huh!

So I found this cute plain jane coffee pot that you put on the stove to perculate your coffee...I also found the cute little napkin holder...I bought both for under $ all I had to do was buy a can of red spray paint & have funnnn! It's like daddy said: If it moves, Salute it! If it don't, Paint It! LOL! I love this and it will look so cute in my Aljo- Gracie's Victorian Rose..... if you go about 12 or 13 down you wil see the coffee pot unpainted sitting on the stovetop of my Scotty.

Where Does It All Go!


time to panic! LOL!
Oh dear, hope we can remember where everything goes!
We still have a long way to go on the Aljo, but while everything is out I am toying with the idea of maybe re-designing the interior to better fit my camping needs.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's been pretty quiet here lately!

Karen's 1959 Aljo before my hubby got to go play in it! LOL!
Karen probablly having 2nd thoughts....& wondering what Gary has done to her trailer!
This is Dash,,, Karens B.F.... he wanted to help too!
Me, taking a break from "Supervising" LOL!

Ok so after the Sisters on the Fly camping trip, hubby & I have been busy with "projects"....he is putting in irrigation for our "Baby Orchard in Training" & my Lavender field...
Also a dear friend from Pennsylvania was out for a week long visit and we had the best time at the MaryJane's Farm Fair weekend (see my other blog)....
But now it is time to get back to renovation on the Aljo...GraciesVictorianRose. GVR

Gary & I have discovered that the Aljo is not a 1963 but rather a 1959 trailer... here is the funny part, a dear friend of mine, Karen, just "inherited" a 1959 Aljo...the very twin of my now we are "related" lol!

While Gary and I were over at Karen's working on the back supports on her trailer...we did discover some minor differences in our two trailers which leaves me to believe that they might have been built in two different locations. Which was not uncommon back then.

I am amazed at the work that Karen has done on her trailer already & if things go well,,,,and do renovation/construction jobs ever go perfectly smooth?....her trailer will be up & running for next Summer so she too can have fun camping in a vintage canned ham.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sisters on the Fly Take over Spokane...

OK, is this cute or what!!!!????? This is MaryJane's sweet retro Teardrop...yep, cute, comfy & loaded with yummy organic linens. Check out the cute licence plate...

Welcome to our Sisters on the Fly Camping Trip. June 4-7th, 2009. Spokane, WA...Riverside State Park, Bowl & Pitcher campground.
(I will add more pictures as they trikle in.) Take a peek into my trailer...

My camp site was the "Greet, Meet & Eat" site, not to mention fun games & S'MORES.

p.s. that motor home was not with us, they left shortly after I took this photo.

yep, that's me, no make-up, curling iron or Bling! but I do have my martini glasses, lol!

My lil 1963 Serro Scotty...I haven't named her yet, any ideas?
Emily #968 and her home built teardrop of a vintage 1947 model.

Juli #444, "Little Sister"

Tani #120.."Moofly"
Oh what a fantastic 4 days with the most delightful "Sisters"....
I spent the last 4 days on the Spokane River "Glamping" (glamour camping) with sisters from Oregon, Idaho & Washington....24 of us ladies, with trailers, food & wine! lol!
The 'skeeters' were relentless, but it didn't deter us!
We watched river otters, eagles, geese, ducks and very overweight marmots play as we camped.
Friday was "Yard Sale & Estate Sale" shopping day & holy cow! these gals can shop!!!! lol!
Saturday was spent at the Spokane Fairgrounds shopping for vintage kitsch at the Farm Chicks Antique Show....again, Shopped till they dropped.
We had a good old fashioned Wienie Roast the first nite, a fabulous pot luck that would rival any catered in event, all made/prepared in our little trailers on Friday night. Saturday's dinner was Chili & Cornbread night,,,,,as well as our awards and White Elephant game night.
Oh and it goes with out saying, we all went back on Sunday to the Farm Chick Show to spend what little money we had left.....I scored some (more) vintage aprons, sewing patterns, bark cloth etc....I too spent my last few nickles! lol!

We had the honor & delight of having author Irene Rawlings & her darling photographer hubby, David follow us around on our trip. Irene is currently writing a book for McMeel publishing company on 'Sisters On The Fly' it was our delight to have her join us... I hope she & David had as much fun with us as we did with them. David even got serenaded by some of the Sisters. He was grinning from ear to ear.....Normally men are not permitted but we made him an honorary Mister!
We also had MaryJane Butters of MaryJane's Organic Farm Magazine camp with us for a couple of days....she was so elated to "trip down memory lane" when she came across Sister Fran's trailer which was the spittin' image of the trailer MaryJane's parents use to use for camping when MaryJane was a child. How cool is that?
MaryJane did a wonderful article in her April/May 2009 issue on the 'Sisters on the Fly'.
She was so gracious and she also brought us copies of the magazine, how cool is that!

We also had Rene, a dear friend of Juli, MaryJane & myself join us as a guest....I'm betting she will be the owner of a vintage trailer here real quick...she has been bit by the 'trailer bug' in a big way! lol! Rene, 2 words...Craigs List!

Several other Sisters brought their real sisters Glamping with us, who knows, our membership may be growing even more! lol!
Several of the ladies have earned their "going potty in the woods" badge....nope, not me, not yet....but maybe next!

Our newest Sister to the group, "Bonnie-Heather" was our personal tour guide/GPS system...and new all the great spots to go yard sale-ing....and yes, she too spent her last few nickles buying "vintage must haves"...she also had the oldest trailer, 1947.

It goes with out saying, packing up and having to say our good-bys and come back to the real world is so hard,,,but as Roy & Dale would say, "Happy Trails to you, until we meet again"....

"Sisters on the Fly...making Girls outta women"....Mazie, Maurrie & Becky...we made you proud this weekend....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Scotty is coming along...

getting ready for paint...
Coppertone be gone.......
Well, I finished painting, 2 coats, of Country White on the interior walls & ceiling. Saturday I will be painting the cabinet doors & drawer fronts in a turquoise...Gary painted the Coppertone icebox & stove in a turquoise (Blue ocean breeze by Krylon) with black looks awesome!
I'll post pictures this weekend after we re-install the stove & ice box.
The new electrical has been installed so we need to install the wall lights next.
Gary got the running lights all hooked up and working,,,That's my man!
Everyday we make a little progress and the Scotty should be ready in 2 weeks!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Serro Scotty & Me....

Am I having fun yet filling nail & screw holes with wood putty???...
The new & improved screen door Gary built for the trailer
This was the origional paint scheme in the Scotty. Somewhere along the way someone painted the whole interior powder blue... As much as I would like to re-create the origional paint, I think I will stick with a clean cream color allowing me the versatility of changing the interior decorations with out having to be locked into a limited paint color.

Ok, what is it about the Hub's & me?...that we always have to disassemble things???? Aacckk!
I have less then 24 days to be ready for my Sisters on the Fly camping trip & here we go again, tearing apart the 2nd it to much coffee or just a natural curiosity or do we just love to 'stress ourselves out',,,lol!
Anyhow, here we go again, creating more work when we only have a small time frame to get the Scotty ready.... Do feel free to put on your 'grubbies' & come help! lol!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bringing the Scotty Home...

Gary checking the trailer along the way.
Ok, so here is a picture of us bringing our little Serro Scotty home last week.
We have made several "Home Desperate"(Depot) runs and today was no we brought home flooring, window & door screen fabric, plexi glass, nuts, boltz, paint, curtain rods & other 'stuff'' to work on our little trailer.
My "Mother's Day" gift will be working all day on Mother's Day on the trailer! lol!
After all I only have 26 days to get the trailer ready for my first outting of the year with some of my 'Sisters on the Fly' girlfriends.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Newest Addition....

1963 Serro Scotty
Our newest trailer family member.

'Gracie's Victorian Rose' now has a little sister....

Ok, for those of you who know us, know that we are avid collectors,,,,and I do mean avid! From mixers and resin grapes to kitties...heeheehee....
While Gracie~girl is truly a labor of love and is moving along quite well in her restorations, she is still a work in progress...but my first Sisters on the Fly outing is less then 4 weeks away and she will barely be ready so we decided that since we were planning on a 2nd trailer, now would be as good a time as any to find one,,,and find one we did!
Our new baby is a 1963 Serro Scotty Sportsman 15' trailer. The body is in really good shape considering her age and just needs a good coat of interior paint, new cushions, faucet, door and flooring. Oh and the best has a small closet that works perfect for a "Scotty Potty" lol!
So while I am cleaning, painting and sewing curtains & cushion covers like a mad women, Gary will be repairing the front door, lights and a window.
My next trip will be to the Camping supply store to buy a portable potty....hmmm wonder if Sears still carries them!
We will be bringing her home in a few days, by then we should be able to find the perfect name for her.
Gary has already said he wants one more trailer, one from the 1940's then we will have a 40's, 50's & 60's collection going...see I told you we are avid collectors... then the only dilemma will be which trailer to use on an outing! lol!