Sunday, March 29, 2009

Skinny Trailer
Gary's quick exit spot! lol!

Inside front of trailer.

Holly Cow!!!! I know there was a trailer in here somewhere!!!!
Ok, I think my darling husband is having way to much fun 'disassembling my Aljo....
I just hope he can remember how to put her back together! lol!
"Course, tonight he is popping Advil and icing his knee for the better part of the evening...seems he was inside of what is left my trailer and while leaning forward to work on a piece of wood it gave way and he fell forward & right out of the trailer...hmmm, does that make him the male version of "Lucy"...????? lol!
The trailer is now ready for the new framing, but first Gary has to do some work on the chassis and floor.
Little by little it will come together.
"Show No Fear"....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 22nd. 2009

Hmmm, there is a trailer there,,,isn't there?????
Major wood rot.

Trailer skins waiting to be cleaned up & put back on.

Definitely not for the faint of heart!!!!
Well as you can see, progress has been made on the de-construction of GVR....
Gary is going to have to do some bracing of the trailer walls next before he can go any further.
It is amazing but not surprising how much wood rot there is, but considering it's age and most likely having been stored outside with out any protection from the elements, It's a wonder that any of these little "mobile abodes" still stand.
I have been so obsessed with these cuties that I find myself driving around the farmlands & alleyways out here, in search of another. Actually I have seen several parked off the sides of old barns....I am thinking of snagging a girlfriend, Heather, who also is on a quest for "her own perfect little trailer", and go leave notes on the mailboxes at the places where I have seen vintage trailers parked. Who knows, we just might get lucky & find a lil' sister for GVR and a trailer for Heather. Keeping our fingers & eyes crossed....
Remember, "Show No Fear"...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18th, 2009

Knot hole on door frame...explains why door wouldn't lock properly.
Fire damage on wall and floor. The wires were scorched too!
Gary has been busy!
Gary taking off the metal siding to repair damage.

OK, rule #1...Girls, do not leave your husbands unattended with your trailers in the Man Cave or else this is what could happen to your trailer! lol!
Oh well, as we say..."Show No Fear!".
We found evidence of fire damage as well as a lot more wood rot then we expected....but everything is Gracie~girl is going to get one heck of a "plastic Surgery"....but when all is said & done, she will look beautiful.
Here are a few more pictures from today's foray in the Man cave.....
We discovered some shoddy workmanship on the trailer...I am beginning to wonder if my trailer was built on a Friday afternoon around 3;! Times have not changed much....some people do/did not take pride in their workmanship.
Well, I can hardly wait to see what my dear husband will do next...."Show No Fear!".

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday, March 15th.....

Gary having way to much fun!
Out comes the last window.
Guess who got a face full of "50 year old"!
Yep, that's the back side of Gracie-girl....
Ummm, how are we suppose to put this back together?
Most of the cabinets in one pile....
And here are most of the windows.

Oh my Word! What a day, tween the rain, snow, more rain, and lots of wind gusts....Gary was able to work on the trailer a bit more.....hmm, work on or de-construct?
I have to laugh (I Think), who would have thought that there was so much rot underneath.
Oh Duh! what was I thinking...a 50 year old trailer???
All I can say is Thank Goodness (A) Gary loves me.... & (B) Gary likes a challenge....
Wowzer, do we have our work cut out for us....
Our motto is,,,,"Show No Fear".
Here are some pictures....hope we don't scare you off from trying to re-build a vintage trailer.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

OOPS! We've got water damage....

Well we do have some water damage to the front & rear of the trailer as well as the front door which is typical of these old trailers..

No big deal....we found a great Wood shop over in Spokane Valley that carries all sorts of wonderful woods and trims etc... We found the perfect 1/8" wood sheeting for the trailer walls, It sells for $20.99 a 4x8 sheet. Oak would be about half the price but Oak just doesn't have "the look" we are going for. So now to bite the bullet and hack up a hairball and buy 10 sheets which should be plenty enough for all the walls, ceiling, door and cabinet fronts.

I also bought some awesome drawer pulls. I am still looking for the right knobs for the cabinets.

I haven't had a chance to work on the curtains yet,,,been busy sewing aprons for swaps and finishing up some handwork...but we'll be out there getting busy as soon as the rains pass.