Friday, December 24, 2010

Wagons HO!

Is this cute or what!!!!
Blogger, Nancy, has several lil ol' trailers, and sets them up on her property like a little trailer park! complete with clothes line, push mower and passing by kitty....
Check out her blog at:

Happy Glamping & Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Farmgirl on the Loose.....

My dear friend Bev,,,,,knows about my Trailer addiction and so for Christmas she sent me these wonderful little goodies to use in my trailer (aka #3)
I am going with a retro farm girl theme in yellows, reds & Bev sent me this sweet fabric to use for my kitchen curtains.....OMG! I can hardly wait to get stitching...
The retro fabric is a Michael Miller fabric and the fruit print towel is my Moda Home fabric line and notice the sweet ric rac & crochet edge.
My lil kitchen in my trailer is going to be bright & fun.
Bev also sent me the cool vintage wood handled kitchen tools & cookie cutters!
I am such a lucky Trailer Diva! lol!
Thanx Bev.....

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A TeePee

While stopping off at our little Market in town, I spotted this kool trailer at the Christmas Tree lot. It's called a "TeePee"....I am guessing mid to late 1960's...
Sure wish I could have gotten a peek inside.....
I am guessing the springs have been flipped so the trailer rides higher......
It is so cool looking, I love the scrolly iron work at each side of the front window.
Update on the TeePee Trailer.
I got to take a peek inside the other day,,,oh my! it is just dreadful how beat up it was inside....some one had ripped out the interior and slapped together 2 sets of makeshift bunk beds,,, It has or should I say had a front kitchen,,,stacked & cluttered & beat to crap! But the original "Burnt Orange" colored mid 60's stove/oven was still in there...the interior walls were ruined from years of moisture damage and the floor was scary! It had been used for a typical 'hunters trailer' over the years (reason for flipped springs) & then bought by the current owner to haul up into the forests of Montana to live in while cutting down Christmas trees and then as a temporary living quarters for the tree lot sales man.....I got the phone number of the trailer owner....maybe I will give him a call in the Spring when he might be interested in selling? Who knows.
And like I say...."Show No Fear!".....besides, maybe hubby will have trailer #3 done and I can talk him into another 'project'! lol!