Saturday, December 31, 2011

Trailer Mixed Media Art

OMG! How cool is this? Kelly over at Little Vintage Trailer blog is having a blog drawing for this koolieo mixed media art work... Keeping my fingers crossed that I win! Check out her blog!
What a great way to start off the New Year....

Last Awesome Shopping Day for 2011

SCORE! Do you know how hard these are to find???? & my Prince Charming of a hubby spotted it for me! Thank you Prince Charming....

I came across this sweet little Homer Laughlin plate for a dollar... it is going in trailer #3..

Then I came across this koolieo mid-century ash tray...I don't smoke but it will make a sweet ring holder in my 'Scotty w/a Potty' trailer.

I bought this twin size Chenille spread to use as a 'cutter'....I think I might use it to make curtains for the front window in my Scotty... yaya, I know,,, I just made a new set of curtains for the window but I am not totally crazy about them... and I love how old Chenille fabric makes cute vintage curtains.

I also scored 2 'Zane Grey' books, 1942... and also (a 2nd) Singer 301... this one is a tan colored machine, my other one is black. My new old 301 runs smooth & I can hardly wait to play with it.

I love having one last good shopping day in the old year and before the New Year starts....

I have to say, Prince Charming was such a good sport taking me Junktiquing. ILY!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

Well another year of Glamping is behind us...but that's ok,,, because 2012 is just around the corner.... Wahooo!
Happy New Year & Happy Trails!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trailer Stuff and More!

I found these cute little child size pink cowgirl boots at the local thrift... I think they will make cute 'catch-alls' for what-nots & flowers.... at least until one of my grand daughters is big enough to wear them!

I love the white ceramic Hen & Rooster plaques... they will go into Trailer #3 along with the cross-stitched picture under them. The Mirror I haven't quit decided whether to put it in the Scotty, Trailer #3 or the is so very dainty. The little shelf will go into trailer #3,,,but I just might paint it white first....maybe....

My lovely friend, Bev, sent me these goodies.... a journal for when I am Glamping...vintage Cookie cutters, in the perfect country farm kitchen colors of red & green....and OMG! 'aged' pillow ticking fabric! How did she know I was in search of some? And what's a vintage trailer with out some sweet vintage doilies..... Thank you Bev.

My Glamping Gal-Pal, Juli sent me this sweet little trailer ornament & doilies,,, and the card is just precious! Juli knows I love doilies, doilies & more doilies! She is such a motivator, not to mention gifted writer.

As some of you know I received this Koolieo trailer night light from Kristina aka 'fieldsofthyme' she is a wonderfully talented crafty lady. Then my dear friend Pam, sent me the tin Trailer lunch pail. Pam & I have known each other since our late teens and use to live a few condos down from each other... raised babies together & promised when we grow old, we would sit on the porch, sip tea, do our needle work and gossip about grand babies! I can hardly wait! (the tea & gossip part, not the growing old part! lol!)
Old Man Winter better hurry and get over before I collect & stash way to much stuff for my trailers! If that happens, I might be forced into having to hunt for a 4th trailer! lol! I even have the theme in my head.... 1950's Audrey Hepburn! I can see it now, black, white & dripping in glamourous pearls! Just don't tell hubby dearest! lol!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas To You....

Merry Christmas and Have a Wonderful New Year. Happy Trails until we meet again....

Perfect for Trailer #3

Look what I found at the Thrift for my little Trailer #3,,,, "Farm girl on the Loose"...
I Love this mirror and at $4 it was a steal!
The little shelf will be perfect to display my cute little trailer deco goodies....and then I spotted this charming little "Welcome" in cross stitch.... I think I will place it over the door inside my trailer. It goes with out saying,,, I am looking forward to Spring and a new Glamping season!
Wagons HoHoHo!

Thank you Santa Pam

Look what Santa's little postal elf brought me.....

Wahoooo! My wonderful friend, Pam, knows I have a love for vintage trailers and sent this to me.... It's a 'Trailer" lunch pail. Now to decide which trailer to put it in,,,, decisions, decisions....

The pail was filled with yummy teas,,,, another thing my wonderful friend knows I love.

She also tucked in a sweet book, the 'The Tea Lover's Devotional', by Emilie Barns. I can hardly wait to start reading it.

When Pam & I were young mothers we always said that when we become grey haired little old ladies, we'll sit on the porch, drinking tea and catching up on our needle work..... I can hardly wait because I have lot's of tea to drink and even more cross stitch projects to get caught up on.
Thank you my dear friend........

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thank You Denise....

what sweet retro cowgirl kids! I luv it!

Wahoooo! Giddy-up lil pony!

Oh my Goodness! look what came in the mail the other day,,,, from one of my 'sista' Sisters on the Fly....Is this cute or what!

I can hardly wait to put it to good use this summer when Glamping!

Thank you sweet Denise and Happy Trails!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gotta Luv Plaid....

I would love to get my hands on some of these yellow plaid aka Tartan Ware mid century camping goodies..... The yellow is not easy to find.... and can be pricey when you do find them.

I do have several pieces in Red, and have spotted a fair amount of the red plaid ware at vintage/antique shows.... but to find them in really good shape is a challenge.

Whether red or yellow, they bring a certain quaint charm to Glamping....

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa,,, I have been good!

Look what Santa aka Kristina sent me.... OMG! is this cute or what?
I always leave a Nite Lite in my trailer turned on, so if I come in and it's not then I know I have blown a breaker & the the electricity has been kicked off..... but now I will have a cute, 'mini me' trailer nite lite to leave on in my trailer....

Also in the package were these sweet goodies... actually there was a lot more but you'll have to go to my Katmom blog to see everything....

HoHoHo & Merry Christmas!

p.s.... Thank you Santa Kristina

Monday, December 12, 2011

Me, Myself & I

Me, Myself & I... I need these 3 trailers to add to my collection.... oh wait, does 3 count as a collection or an addiction? lol!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Summer, Oh Summer....

I can hardly wait for Summer! Wagon's HO!
Summer, Oh Summer...

I know how my little Peekaboo kitty feels,,, I too keep looking out the window in search of Summer.... I am a Summer person.... I don't like cold, I barely tolerate snow.... I am my happiest when I am running amok in flipflops and a straw hat, from sun up to sun down and even then I don't want to come into the house.... A little 9 year old girl lives inside of me,,,always wanting to be outside playing in the sun. it's who I am, and what I do best!

I don't want to grow up! Not yet anyways....... lol!

Oh to be a cat,,,,to wait patiently for Summer's return..... waiting, waiting, waiting...

Sweet Memories....

This sweet trailer (not mine) is a 1963 Fleet Craft.....

This sad little trailer is a 1963 Fleet Craft that some fool decided the easiest way to deal with wood rot was to cut the back off the trailer.... AACCKK! and yet I still bought it, drug it home and said, "Honey, how much do you love me???"....

Here I am down in McCall, Idaho at a 'Sisters on the Fly' Glamping trip... this cute lil 'Oberlin' belongs to my gal~pal, Juli.... Poor thing, she only has 3 vintage trailers & an's a good thing she is one of my dearest friends or I would be green with envy...

How cute are these?....these are hand crafted cards..... Oh how I wish I were that talented.

I spotted these trailers on a blog while I was trolling through cyber-blogland! OMG! these all belong to one gal who has set up her own lil vintage trailer park.... I wonder if I can talk my hubby dear into letting me set up a 'Trailer Park'!

In the spirit of Christmas,,,, I saw this cute 'Gingerbread Trailer'... I don't think I could eat it,,, it's just way to cute!

This Serro Scotty trailer brochure was recently up for auction on ebay,,, it sold for $28.00.... I was sooo very tempted to bid on it, but for $28.00 I can buy a lot of fun trailer deco stuff...... but that doesn't mean I am not on the watch for one of these.....

Having to put my Serro Scotty away for the Winter has been so disheartening... I so miss spending time in her. But Spring will be here soon and she will get to come out and play again.

The good news is, Trailer #3 aka 'Farmgirl on the Loose' is coming along nicely..... I have a ton of stuff I have been collecting for her... and I need to sew the curtains still, but I am having a tough time deciding on what type of fabric to use. I still need to sew the covers for the bench cushions as well as make the bed skirt...but since we still have 3 months of snow, I'll have plenty of time for sewing!
The good thing is, while in my sewing room I can dream about all the upcoming Glamping trips that I am planning on.

Today I had lunch with two of my 'Glamping co-horts in crime'... Rene & Heather. We have the best of time, best of laughs & the best of dreams.

It's not how vintage your trailer is, or the brand, or how you decorate it.... it's about the journey and all the memories and friends we make along the way... Happy Trails & Wagons HO!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


I have often been asked, how do I come up with names for my trailers and how should they name theirs..... my answer, let the trailer tell you.....and I do!
Well for my 1959 Aljo.....I had been toying with many deco themes when I came across this lovely tattered scarf in an Antique store in downtown Spokane.....and I immediately knew I had to have it so I bought it and brought it home. Later that evening I was perusing through an older issue of a "Victoria" magazine.... and that's when the voice in my head said.... "Gracie's Victorian Rose" and from that moment on my Aljo became Gracie's Victorian Rose.... I love the roses and the dark woodsie colors.
My dear friend, Juli knowing that my Aljo would be a mix of Victoriana and Roses with a hint of cowgirl, came across a framed painting of a rose on what once was a piece of dress fabric cut from a wedding dress. So even though it will be a bit longer before my sweet Gracie's Victorian Rose will be road worthy, she has her hope chest full of frillies and bling.