Saturday, February 26, 2011

Petticoats & Pearls!

Petticoats & Pearls.................every gal needs a fun & flirty petticoat aka Crinoline.........
I bought this sassy red petticoat for our "Petticoat Potluck" to wear when camping this summer for the Farm Chick Crafts & Antique Show over in Spokane, Wa.
I can see it right now, my sassy red petticoat, cowgirl boots, Blingy T-shirt, Cowgirl Hat & Pearls! YeeHaw!

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Ukulele Time...

Ok, what do you do with a cheesy Thrift Shop souvenir Ukulele????
Why you decoupage it of course!!!! and then add some pink & green rhinestones for Bling!
TaDa! kitschy Ukulele for my Scotty trailer....and if you pay real close attention you'll notice that the fabric I used on the Ukelele is the same fabric as my Bankette curtains!
Never throw away scraps of fabric!!!
Now to decoupage a guitar that I bought at the Thrift....
: > )

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A lil Something for Gracie's Victorian Rose

As usual, I forgot to take a before photo of my latest Thrift Store find. Duh!
This is my old~new & improved step ladder chair.....
It is one of those mid 1970's Kitchen step ladder seats. It was dirty and had nasty vinyl upholstery....but for $4.95 I could not pass it up!
Then I bee-lined it over to Hobby Lobby and found this cool faux tooled faux leather, just needed about $5.00 worth.....
After giving the seat/ladder a good scrubbing I went to work. I did need handsome hubby's help to take the seat & back apart. My Hero!
After cutting, gluing & re-attaching I now have a toteable step ladder that does double duty as an extra chair.
Now to just get my old Aljo put back together,,,oh wait, I also need to finish up trailer #3.
Thank goodness the Scotty is road ready! lol!

Newest Fabric to Hit the Cutting Table!

Sister's on the Fly, sister Paige Bridges, has just commissioned a new line of fabric with her trailer art work....I believe there are 3 designs.....and they should be hitting the cutting tables at Fabric stores around Mid-May!
How cool is that!?!
I luv Paige's Vintage Trailer art work.
"Current" catalog carries her art work in the form of calendars, checks, addy labels etc..... or you can go to Paige Bridge's website to order scrap booking paper, trailer prints etc.....
Oh, now to sit & wait ever so patiently for May to get here.... Come on May!
(click on the photo to get a closer/larger view)....