Monday, June 13, 2011

Camp Tales on the River....

Well it's that time again,,,, for 'Camp Tales around the Camp Fire...

Once again we gathered around & took over the 'Bowl-&-Pitcher' campgrounds at Riverside State Park in Spokane, Washington..... for our annual Farm Chicks weekend.

Good morning Spokane River, what a beautiful morning.... but in a few hours, 26 ladies will be heading out to hit yard sales, Junktiquing & the Farm Chicks show at the Spokane Fairgrounds.

These wee lil trailers, most are vintage, some are good old girls glammed up and some sweet new ones also dolled up.

These boots were made for Shoppin' and that's just what they'll do, one of these days these boots will shop all over town with you!

The 3 Amigas! (l to r) Juli, Grace & Faye

Which way to Farm Chicks?....

Oh sure, my table is tidy now, but by tomorrow you won't be able to see the decoupaged photos...with all the junk I'll have sitting on it! lol!

'The Gnome Home" with her newly painted door & chalk board...the sweet door cutain was made from a re-purposed vintage pillowcase from Juli. Thanx Juli!

I always bring & display my little mini aprons either on or around my trailer...

just because I can! It's a Girlie Thing!

Lil aka Lilliport,,,sweet trailer.

Rene's sweet little "Dusty Trails".

Denise's sweet little "Glitter Sister"

Carolyn's 'M & M " trailer,,,, Mules & More,,, Menopause & Medicare or Missing Mom,,,either way, it is cute.

This is Bonnie G. little & I do mean little,,,,Little Loafer aka 'lollipop'
It's as wide as it is long...yet so cute.....

"Betsy Ross" belongs to Linner,,,and it's all in Red, White & Blue American Pride... luv it!

Allison is bringing Lilacs to Peggy's Trailer...

Hmmmm, now where did these all come from?

(I think I see a couple of 'wine bottle impostors in the group!) lol!

Oh that's right,,, our very own 'Wineologist' Julie F. gave us a crash course in 'Wineology 101"...

Julie F. giving us a crash course in wines....complete with chocolate!

Our very own "Vanna White" (Faye) pours out the wine samples...and yes that is a brown paper sack that the bottle is in! Classy huh! lol!

Carol (left) even wore an apron, white no less,,,Hello! Red Wine & white apron...not a good mix! lol!

' Chilaxing' by the fire, good food, good wine & good friends!

Ya gotta Luv Glamping with a fabulous group of Gal pals....

Julie telling us the difference about wines, tannins and wine regions..... and to think, I thought all you did was squish a few grapes into a bottle, add a little sugar & let it ferment...and wala! Wine!

Gotta luv a good old fashioned Girlie gab fest!

Heather (behind the camera) catching me yacking with Karen,,,not sure why I am being so animated,,,could I have been telling Karen a 'Fish Tale' about the Big One that got!?!

Juli always has fresh flowers to decorate our picnic tables... what a great way to use old tins too!

Linner, owner of trailer "Betsy Ross"

Juli #444 & Gepetto #444 1/2
owner of trailer "Little Sister"

Jennel & Diva Dog (pink petticoat) and Rosie (camera shy)

We Trailer Chix gotta stick together....

Grace (me) & Juli, modeling our cute petticoats! Why did we ever stop wearing them? Oh yea, that's right, we grew up.... darn it!

(Cowgirl) Hats make our petticoats look even cuter! Grace & Juli

B.I.N.G.O.!!!! Who doesn't like a good game of 'Trailer Trash BINGO!?!"

Girls just want to have fun! (l to r) Paulette, Juli & Grace

Bottoms Up girls, Bottoms Up! lol!

The Group of Glamping Vintage Trailer Divas.....

Welcome to Camp, The Welcoming Committee! (l to r) Grace, Juli, Mig & Linner

Quiet morning, time to embrace the beauty of camping on the river.... until next year...

Happy Trails to you until we meet again...

Your favorite Trailer Diva,,,,, and loving it!

I wish I had had enough time to take pictures of All the trailers this weekend, but alas, being the Trailer Diva takes a lot of work, and little time for play or should I say photgraphy. lol!