Sunday, February 26, 2012

"T" is for Trailer!

Don't you hate it when you are trying to take a photo and your nosey kitty has to get in the way!?! lol!

These are the 2 little stitchery pieces I recently completed. Same basic design just done slightly different. One is in what is called Red Work the other is Blue Work.

This one will go in Trailer #3 of course...

and of course this will go in the Scotty w/a Potty... I haven't decided whether to frame them or make them into little deco pillows....

Happy Trails.....

Saturday, February 25, 2012


OK, so this is what happens (2 days later) after you presumptuously post that Camping Season is just around the corner! lol! We got about 3" of snow today! Oh Joy! lol!
I think that fat Robin was just teasing me!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Is it Time to Go Glamping Yet?

Saw our first Robin last week & guess what,,,, if he is around... then camping season can't be to far behind! Wahoooo!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Red Boots Kick Butt!

Two things I love about these boots!
1. they are red...& will look cute in trailer #3 (as well as on my feet)
2. they are made by 'Acme' and are made in the USA!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Small But Spacious...

OK, this is what my 1964 FleetCraft is suppose to look like..... with a rounded back.

And this is what she looked like when I brought her home....

Is it polite for me to refer to one of the previous owners as a 'DipStick of a Fool' for cutting the whole back side off? It was his way of 'solving' the rot damage to the back of the trailer.

But I knew 'Trailer #3' had potential..... and at 9'8" long and 6'5" wide I still fill like I have plenty of room to move about in her. The actual inside is even smaller when you factor in the twin bed and kitchen counter... but lot's of windows, bright and airy feeling.

What I love about having several trailers is I can match my mood to my trailer when ever I want to go out and play or Glamp.

It looks like this little girl will be ready for her maiden voyage in May to Pendleton Oregon.

Yipeeee & Wagons HO!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Moving In....

Moving In Day!!! Yippeeee :>) Well either I am moving into my wee little 9ft box of a trailer or a decorating bomb went off!

Good Grief! Who knew!!!! I had collected so much stuff..... lol!

Stuff, stuff & more stuff...but cute farm~girlie stuff! And though my (lined) red burlap curtains were a pain to make, I love them... burlap & lace... a perfect combination.

I even scored a red train case & round travel case at the local Salvation Army Thrift for only $1.99 each! Big time ScOrE!

Now to figure out where to put all this stuff..... lol!

The cute little wash board was a Thrift find, brought it home, painted it red & voila! Instant magnetic board!

I put 2 of my vintage aprons in my trailer... cuz you never know when you'll need to don an apron and get the old Dutch Oven going! lol!

The little red/white farm girl pillow was made from the "Maryjane Farm Girl" fabric fact a lovely friend, Amanda aka Firemama, made it for me.

I found this large glass cutting board at another Thrift and tho I paid $5 for it,,, it is in new condition and perfect size for over my stove. One can never have enough counter space! lol!

I have my handy~dandy 'I Love Lucy' Bunco game in a 'Lucy' tote purse. Ready for my next Glamping outing.

Ok, so there is a "light at the end of the Tunnel"...

Trailer #3 is starting to look ready to snuggle in.... and I love my cozy pillows. The white one has 'tatted' flowers on the edge.

Almost ready for new Glamping excursions.

I am all ready to go.... just need some good warm dry weather..... I love my travel cases, perfect for my little trailer and great extra storage space too!

I might have to test camp out in her before my May trip to Pendleton, Oregon...

Just call me the "Happy Camperett"

Happy trails to you.....

Oh Dear!

Oh Dear! I really need to make a trip out to the 'ManCave' where Trailer #3 is sleeping.
My stash of 'stuff'' is over taking the dining room.... yikes! But with 1 1/2" of snow on the ground I just don't feel like trekking out to the barn....maybe tomorrow! lol!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Goodies for #3

Today I finished up these 3 little deco pillows for Trailer #3 I made these 2 small pillows from some left over fabric from the pillow case below.

Now that I have assembled this pillow, I kind of wish I had outlined the 'eggs' first before sewing it into a pillow...oh well. The dark red fabric is wool from an old coat that was cut up, washed, steamed and now is a sweet soft pillow. It's a fun combination of wool and cross stitch and as always,,,, yoyos...

I needed a slumber pillow case for Trailer #3.... and here it is! I love this fun fabric that was gifted to me by my dear friend, Bev..... oh so perfect for sweet dreams while Glamping. The 'ric rack' trim is vintage from the 1950's. I happened across a box of sewing notions for under $2.00 while out Thrifting.... and it was loaded with wooden thread spools and ric rack... Score!
I also finished the last two curtain panels for the trailer.

Unfortunately, we got about 1 1/2" of snow today so I decided not to trek out to the ManCave to hang them.. maybe tomorrow unless we get more snow,,, oh joy!

Last but not least,,, my little mascot for trailer #3.... a 'Self Portrait' of me!?! lol!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Almost done....

Door curtain in...check!

Hanging up stuff.... check!

Finishing up curtains... check!

Wire shelf up...check!

Lace curtains hung...check!

Measurements taken for side curtains...check!

Floor & rug in... check!

Almost ready to 'move-in'... well, almost! lol!

I still have 3 curtains to finish, and 1 pillow case.... and then I can drag out all my 'stuff'' that I have been saving to decorate 'Trailer #3''.....

Then come the first signs of warm weather and it's on to the outside of Trailer & paint.

Come on Spring... I am antsy to finish her up and go Glamping!

Wagons Ho....

Friday, February 10, 2012

Scotty Penant....

Look what I am in the process of making.... a Scotty Penant.... now to add the 'ties' and decide whether to add "Serro Scotty' or SOTF #472.... or I could do both since I have a Scotty on the back side.... What do you think? :>)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I have to wait a few more months before I can saddle-up.... in the meantime, little Peekie is saddleing-up now! Not Fair!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Where Did I See This?

I love this cute graphic of a lady fishing..... this would be cute to frame and place in my Aljo trailer aka "Gracie's Victorian Rose"

If only I could remember where I saw it,,, probably in one of my 'Victoria' magazines... I was perusing through some early 1990's issues recently and I often photograph things & ideas out of books and magazines... so maybe I will re-peruse through them again!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

6 More Weeks!!!!

Darn that little pudgy rodent!!!
Phil says we are going to have 6 more weeks of Winter!!!
A killer for us vintage trailer towing, glamping Divas!
Aaacckkk! how will I survive! lol!