Monday, February 8, 2010

Trailer Pillows

What's a vintage trailer with out lots of pillows? I call this one, "A Fish Story". The wooden button was cut from a piece of wood.
Yep, another pillow case being tested by my head pillowcase testing kitty!

These are (were) T-shirts from a 'Sister on the Fly' gal pal.....she asked me to be creative...and here they they are on their way to Idaho to decorate a vintage trailer.
Happy Trails to you.....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Requiem to a Trailer....

Oh how sad.....Inside view as this once loved trailer sits in despair and dis-repair.
I am sure the original owners were proud as peaches when they bought this trailer that would allow them to explore 'the world' and make wonderful family memories.

She was once a snazzy jazzy trailer...

Now here she sits, sad & forlorn in a wrecking yard....

Oh if only I had the skills and money to bring her back to life, to once again let her travel down the highways and byways....visiting National Parks and camp grounds along pristine rivers....
The other day I got word of a sad looking trailer that was towed into a local wrecking yard, and having the connections that I do, was able to get a inside peek....
It was so heart breaking (to us vintage trailer nuts) to see the condition this trailer was in.
I don't want to say she is beyond repair, but it will cost a pretty penny to restore her back to her wonderful old self.
As best as I can figure, this is a mid-late 1960's Rolls Royal Phantom 16 coach built in El Monte, Calif.
As you can see she has major damage to the interior, both age & water damage have taken their toll... I can't even see the floor through all the trash.... Broken windows, gouges & holes on the exterior skins, flattened tires, and there is no telling what condition the electrical wiring is in.
I am thinking about salvaging the stove and stove top as well as hardware and her "phantom 16 " emblem.
If hubby & I weren't in the midst of a full restoration on the '59 Aljo I might be able to talk him and myself into taking on this one....but alas, only one project at a time and budget.
For those of you who have restored a vintage trailer, you know how expensive it can be...certainly not a project for the faint of heart or pocket!
Thank goodness there are a lot, (but not enough) of us vintage trailer lovers out there that want to preserve a 'moment in history' when trailers in the mid century were such a delight to own. For families to be able to own and create wonderful memories.
I love it when someone sees my trailer (and our 1954 Chevy Bel-Air) and says, oh wowzers! I remember growing up with one of those....they love to share their good memories and isn't that what it's all about, happy memories to pass down to the next generation?
Happy Trails to you, until we meet again.