Monday, May 29, 2017

SOTF visit Yosemite...

There is a small group of us 'Sisters' (Sisters on the Fly) that live up here in the mountains just below Yosemite,,, we try to get together bi-monthly,, for dinner or a day of kayaking...
it has been fun to have the Lake (Bass Lake) to ourselves,,, but now that it is Memorial Weekend,,, the days of no tourists is pretty much over..  oh well,, we will find other mischief to get into...
(me in green and Claudia in yellow)

Thrifty Idea!

I spotted this over on 'facebook'.. now why didn't I think of this?
All you need is  a simple 5gal bucket,,, a 'foam noodle' from the Dollar store... bailing wire, drill a couple of holes for the T.P. and wire... line the bucket with  2 potty bags and secure with the noodle!
I have the bucket, wire T.P. and bags... just need to buy the noodle the next time I am at the Dollar store!
and the best part, the foam noodles come in fun colors including blue... to match my trailer! lol!