Monday, May 30, 2011

My Little Campground....

After having two of my gal~pals, come camp out with me on my property several weekends ago,,, I just did not have the heart to put my little Scotty back in the barn,,, so I left her out, and have enjoyed going out to sit in her daily....usually with my 2 kitties...

I keep the area around the "Gnome Home" (Scotty) cute like a little campsite, complete with Flamingos... The hubby and I can go sit out by her when we want to enjoy the evening... The fire pit, is always ready and so is the Citronella candle! lol! It's that time of season when we get hit hard and heavy with 'skeeters! I think in the next week or two I will pull out trailer #3,

aka~ Farmgirl on the Loose, set her along side the 'Gnome Home' (Scotty) and then it will look like the beginnings of a sweet vintage trailer park,,,after all, like they say.... "Build it & they will come (& park & camp) lol!

Happy trails!

Scotty Door...

I just could not stand the 'plainness' of my Scotty Door so out came the painters tape, & spray paint and here is the end result....
Clean blue door, framed chalk board and pillowcase door window curtain.....
AAHHH! Much better!
I had a 1/2 can of chalk board paint (left from another project), a can (actually I keep several of this blue on hand for trailer projects) of Ocean Spray Blue paint and a window of opportunity to get some painting done!
Gary miter cut the wood to frame the 'chalk board'... I can't cut an angle to save my life! lol!
Then I re-purposed an old pillowcase given to me by Juli, and am using it for the door window curtain..(Thanx Juli). I have a piece of pink ribbon that I will use to tie the curtain open when I want light in. I love when a moment of creativity & good weather hits! lol!
Wagons HO & Happy Trails!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Here Birdie Birdie...

I was at a Joanns Fabric & Craft store yesterday and was meandering through the Summer Lawn decoration isle when I spotted this sweet little 'trailer' bird house...well I did what any self respecting Trailer Diva would do...Bought it!
Wagons HO & I am ready to go...Glamping!

Farmgirl on the Loose.....2011

I just received my "Farmgirls on the Loose" T-shirt..... and I plan to wear it next weekend when I go camping with my gal pals next weekend.
Glamping is really catching on & ladies are discovering a whole new way to go out and play...
Like they say, "Making Girls out of Women".... Happy Trails

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What do you do with ?????

What do you do with cute Birthday Cards? Well you frame them ofcource!
A dear friend of mine spotted this cute card and sent it to me for my I naturally had to put it to good use....I bought a cheap plastic (light weight) picture frame,,,spray painted it pink, added a sheet of scrap booking paper (stripes) and Voila! instant cuteness....

First I sat it on the table, by my new trailer curtains...p.s. notice I spray painted the curtain rods pink?...

But the glare made it hard to decided that it would look cuter over my chenille curtains above the sofa/bed...and yes, I painted those curtain rods a too!

The vertical stripes in the frame match the vertical stripes in the chenille fabric.

(I need to find a 'globe' replacement...this one is just too round & blah!)

I luv spray paint, bits of fabric cheap photo frames & re-purposed cards...

Monday, May 16, 2011

How Kool is This?

This is a little totable flashlight that my best friend sent to me....

It is small, has a single light, triple light & flashing light ability....Irmgard knows I love to camp & came across & sent it to me...I have seen big hand cranked flash lights but never the small ones so this is perfect. Just wind/crank the flash light to get the light...Turn it off & it holds a charge...How kool it This!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Who Say's I am to Old for a Slumber party!?!

Happy May, Happy Trailer Slumber Party....Happy Girlfriends Weekend!

Juli, Mig & I enjoying a fantastic lunch after a very successful day of Junktiquing!

And boy-o-boy did we haul in a jeep load of Trailer decor...a must for every trailer fashionista!

Juli admiring our 'Sister Trailers".... Juli's is on the left, a 1959 Terry and mine is on the right, a 1963 Serro Scotty....

"Sister Trailers" Let the Trailer Slumber Party weekend begin!

Mig enjoying the morning after a wonderful slumber in her cute beach themed 1971 Shasta.

"Glamping" is all about vintage trailers & friendships....with a little Junktiquing tossed in for good fun!

Left to Scotty, Mig's Shasta & Juli's Terry...cute to the 10th factor!

Check out the window in Juli's trailer...(click on the pic to 'embiggen'...)

Here's looking at you!

Even a couple of Flamingos came to join in the fun!

Juli called and said..."we need to take a break from being an adult",,,,

so let the "Slumber Party " begin!

I called Mig and before we knew it,,, there where 3 trailers on my property and Gary was chopping fire wood for our "fire pit".

The weather forecast was for rain,,,but Mother Nature gave us a break & we had a sunny weekend with only a few sprinkles,,, Thanks Mother Nature!

We shopped till we poor jeep was so full of "treasures" that there was barely room for our feet! Now that's shopping! lol!

We capped off the evening with pizzas and beer. Afterwards we settled in to watch "The Long Trailer" starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez....followed by more incredible edibles!

As always, Sunday was 'pack-up & head home'...but along with our trailers and all our must have junk finds, we take home wonderful girlfriend memories....

Lucky me, I had the shortest drive,,, just back into the garage! lol!

Happy May, Happy Trailer Slumber Party weekend, Happy wonderful girlfriends weekend.

You're never to old to be a little girl...So take 'Spontaneity' by the vowels & go have fun!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Camping~ German Style

I spent 2 weeks in Germany visiting my family & childhood best friend. Wowzers! seems like everywhere I went I saw trailers and motorhomes on the road....mind you the roads in the small villages are quit narrow, so to see these trailers & motorhomes navigate was interesting to say the least.

Trailers were everywhere.....Germany sure has changed since I was a kid.

And with the price of fuel,,, 1.49Euro per liter which equates to roughly $6.00 a gallon. Yikes!
Yet it doesn't seem to deter these die hard vacationers!

Talk about sleek...I met the owners of this mini and they let me see the inside...every inch was well planned & utilized. The only thing it didn't have was air conditioning....

I even spotted an R.V. Sales lot while driving on the Autobahn.....

First day of nice warm weather and our Euro counterparts are out en-mass camping & taking advantage of the wonderful Spring weather.

Camping in Germany is not a cheap hobby, but there seems to be a lot of German families who, like Americans,,,are falling in love with Camping....