Sunday, August 25, 2013

Trailer Slugs and Stuff!

 Here ya go... two of the cutest 'trailer slugs' I have ever seen!  This 'Glamping' can wear a girl out!
 While waiting for our pizza, I snuck out and went next door to the little gift shop to take a photo of this cute suitcase... I had seen the case earlier in the day... and the front side is uber cute... this is the back side... so I figured I would sneak a photo of it, after the shop was closed... How cute is this and what a great idea... the price tag was $250.00... and it weighed a ton! lol!  but I could certainly see one of these by my trailer....  
 Even the side was finished in mosaic tiles.... if I recall, on the front side there was a 'broken' plate that was a 'frame' to add a personal photo.
Over in Coarsegold, we stopped off at a little plaza  that sold hand made goods, from soaps and jams to jewelery and clothes... I found this cute tray that was made by a 13year old girl. She had a small section (booth) of things that she made with corks and what not's... I just had to buy this tray for two reasons... it was cute and would look cute in my trailer and... to support and encourage this young lady..

Well time to hit the trail and get into some more mischief.
Wagons HO and Happy Trails!!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wagons Ho to California We Go!

 Loaded up and ready to goo Wagons HO!  Good-bye Spokane, WA.
 Following Gary, in Oregon... Mt. Hood in the distance....
 Walmart  parking lot camping....
 Cottonwood Calif... a sweet agri-community.... I loved the iron works...
 this one is really sweet, a cowboy rescuing a calf....  I love little communities.
Look at what was at the end of the trail....   :>)