Monday, June 28, 2010

SOTF-Wenatchee Washington

Apron made from a pair of cast off jeans! how fun! Cowgirl Up! lol!
Even the Gnomes wanted to join in the fun with "Sisters on the Fly"

There were about 69 cute trailers this year.
(left to right) Me, Myself & I, Kelly, Toni & Mig smile for the camera as we get ready to caravan over to Wenatchee, Washington for the 5th annual Sisters on the Fly "Northwest Gathering".
Potty Break time..., finding a spot where you can park 4 trailers to make a mad dash to a bathroom is always an interesting quest! lol!
I was the 'lead dog' and Kelly was the 'tail gunner' and yes I did manage to get us lost, well actually not really lost, as it turned out we where on the wrong side of the freeway from the campground! Next time I will practice on my "left & right" skills! lol! My "Scotty with a potty" and Mig's lil Shasta.
Margaret making Margaritas... YUM!
Ah! back in the Saddle Again....
Group shot of a bunch of Happy Cowgirls! I am the 2nd one in on the right can tell it's me 'cuz I am grinning from ear to ear!.
These are just a few fun pictures of our recent Sisters on the Fly outing!
Oh what fun meeting up with old and new friends...I especially enjoyed meeting up with some of my former "Ventura Sisters" who brought me a little California sunshine .
Next years event will be in Idaho...and I plan to GO!
Happy Trails!
Sisters on the Fly NW Camping Outing in Washington with vintage travel trailers 2010
How cool is this! my 'trailer-trailer'sign, my sunflowers, my boot purses & my "psycho-path" sign are in the video! : > )
What a great group of ladies...I mean...'Sisters" and the best part is the amount ($6.000.00) that was raised by the group, for Women's cancer-'Casting for Recovery'. A great retreat for women who are/have been through cancer.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Step more!
Ok, so my friends accuse me of having a case of the Envy's!

I guess it's true,,,I suffer from Truck Envy, Barn Envy, Horse Envy, Vintage Trailer Envy and Step Envy....
On a recent Glamping trip in Prosser, WA. my gal pal, Heather had this really cool trailer step to make stepping into her trailer easier....I WANT ONE! I NEED ONE!....I thought about stealing hers but it was painted red and would be hard to hide! lol!
So after much whining,(me) her darling hubby made one for me....SCORE!
Now I can scratch 'Step Envy' off my Envy List...
But then I got to thinking, I need to customize my step in case some other Trailer Diva wants to steal mine....& here is the end result.....
Gotta luv a good case of the Envys! lol!

Monday, June 7, 2010

SOTF and Farm Chicks...June 2010

Path Farm Chicks as well as other "paths"! (you can click on the picture to get a better 'read'.)
Hey, even when camping, we like to start our mornings off with coffee & reading the newspaper.

This is a little tin that I decorated with a picture and some re-purposed bling.
The rain may have put a 'damper' on our decorating but it didn't put a 'damper' on my love for sitting and watching the river rush by.

Here are a few of the trailers...unfortunately I didn't get around to taking pictures of all of the trailers. Tammy's "Miss Montana" is parked in front of my Scotty.

We had a great time in spite of the rain and when the rain stopped we came out to play.

There where a total of 20 trailers.
The Spokesman Review Newspaper sent out a reporter & photographer & we made the newspaper.

My lil "Scotty with a Potty"....Normally we decorate the outside of our trailers, but with the winds and rains we couldn't.

The food was awesome, these gals can put on quit a spread!

Pot Luck & friends...what a great combination.

This is the Scotty & Dot's that I painted on my trailer.

I stitched up this trailer banner. It has this western motif on one side and on the other side is my Sister on the Fly number.
Inside Kari's is a Corvette and is cute as a bug decked out in blues & pinks..

Inside Heather's trailer. She has a red toile and chickens motif. I luv her red radio and her use of embroidered cloth napkins as a window valance.

Heather earning her "Lemon Drop Martini" badge. Yummm! they were delish!

Kari found this cool picnic/camping box for a Model-A car.

Sisters 1156, 1281, 444, 696...yes we have names too! lol! and as you can see, we eat very healthy! lol!

This is Gepetto, he may look like a wee little bear but...

he really is a cute little dog and his "mom" Juli brought him camping with us.

He was such a character & was more than eager to score a treat.

Heather made this cute sign to display her sister number....the really cool part is, it Velcro's on & off. How cool is that!

This is my Apron Tree. I set up my mini aprons at every 'Sisters on the Fly' event that I attend.

I had fun embroidering this towel for my co-hort in crime, Heather. Her trailer is called,
"4 Chicks only"...

I found this fun magnetic sign and could not resist putting it on the door where my little 'potty' is stored(hidden).
It's so delightful to snuggle up and read in my lil trailer...
My little Banquette in my Scotty...ok, so I admit it, I rarely eat here.
There were 20 trailers, and 28 ladies "Glamping" this past weekend at the "Bowl & Pitcher" on the Spokane River....and what fun we had.
It is amazing what we can accomplish in 4 days in spite of the rain!
We hit the antique shops, Thrift shops, a few yard sales in between the rains.
We wined & dined on yummy foods.
Then Saturday we all converged on the Fairgrounds to shop the "Farm Chicks~ vintage & antique show.
I scored another vintage mixer....Wohoo!
I have to was really crowded...I ran into lot's friends as well as met ladies who had come from Montana and Arizona just to shop this popular event.
The local newspaper did an article on us which was fun to read.
Now I have 18 day s to get ready for my next glamping trip with the "sisters"...
What a super duper weekend with a wonderful group of Super Duper gal pals.
Happy Trails....