Monday, September 24, 2012

Off to the Bitteroots We Go!

 (l to r) Linda, Patty and me... last day in civilization,,,in just a few hours we will be devoid of all moderen technology and conveniences.
 Cold but refeshing... got my tootsies soaking in the Snake River.
(l to r) Juli, Patty, Karen, Linda, Jess, (not in photo is Shawn and Alexis or me)
We stopped off in a little town, hit the Deli for lunch then we found this lovely place to relax and enjoy.
Next stop,,, Base Camp ~ Triple O Outfitters camp.

Love My Ride...

 Taking a break.... (bottom to top)  Annie, Tony, Doug, me and my 'ride' George....
 Taking a moment to reflect on natures beauty and how blessed my life has been.
 Is this serene or what!?! Wild Huckleberry plants everywhere....
 Doug and I taking in the beauty... Doug rode in with the pack mule carrying our provisions.
 There were so many vistas, some sparse like this while others were overgrown with dense vegetation.
 We crossed several riverbeds as well as lots of little creeks......
But this was the best view of all!  My best friend, George.... He and I bonded from the get-go,,,or could it have been all the apples I gave him? lol!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Around the Camp...

 This is where we arrived before entering the campgrounds.... but our trail rides, traversing the winding mountainous trails brought us up to the almost 6000ft level.
 My 'home away from home' the first night....and let me tell you, the nights get bond chilling cold!
 Saddle Camp..... just because we are disconnected from civilization doesn't me we can't decorate!
 Camp puppies.. Oh how these 2 little pups got the royal treatment.... with 8 women to cuddle and snuggle with them, no wonder these pups are pooped!
 Our daily meals were prepared by Dutch Oven.... And let me tell you, we ate Great! Even the desserts were prepared in the Dutch Oven..... there is an art, and science to Dutch Oven cooking,,, knowing exactly how many briquettes to put under and over the  cast iron pots,,,,and how long to let cook... Annie, our cook had it down to not waste briquettes,,by stacking the pots.
If you are prissy and a clean freak, this is not the trip for you..... The water heater for the shower was not working and let me tell you,,, washing up with ice cold creek water is not for the faint of heart!

Morning Ride.

 Getting ready to head out for a ride up to the Lake.
 After 3 hours of extreme trail riding... we needed a break.....
 This was one of the easy passes..... Patty took this picture of me from her horse.
And this is what we arrived to after 3hours of riding up the side of a mountain.... it was breath taking and so worth the ride.

Pimp My Ride!

Hmmm, do I pick bachelor #1 or bachelor #2 ?
 Here I am, riding Alex the Mule while Karen is riding Charlie Mule.... they (Karen & Charlie) got along spectacular,,, Alex and I on the other hand,,, not so!
After 2 days of him (Alex) wanting to go left and me wanting to go right,,, we decided to part ways...
So I 'Pimped My Ride'.... I traded Alex for George who for the next to days was the best daw-gone trail buddy a gal could ask for.
It's all about the ride,,,,,  Thank you George.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

KampKaren 2012

After we all returned to our homes, families and chores...we were off and running again, this time to Karen's ranchette for "KampKaren"..... hosted by Karen & her side-kick, Dash!
 This is Dash.. quite the handsome fellow!
 This is Karen,,,, who has discovered her inner cowgirl this summer!
 This is the massive yard sale finds that we just could not live with out!
 Mornings are always quiet.....for both the trailers and their occupants...
 Ah ! I have been spotted by Handsome Dash!  Dash got an overdose of attention this weekend at KampKaren.
 Where is everybody? Surely they aren't out yard~saleing again!?!
 Juli's cute little alter ego trailer, "Iron Pony"..... I luv the awning.
 The backside of my trailer was a comfy place to relax...and yes, that is a purple Christmas tree...what? don't you decorate your trailer with a purple Christmas tree in September? And did you notice the box it is sitting on? That's a vintage 'port-a-potty' that I scored at a yard sale for $1.50 I was so excited to find it!
 I love Carolyn's, "M&M" trailer..... (menopause & medicare).....this is 1 of 3 trailers that Carolyn has.
 Overview of KampKaren. front row, left to right: Deeanne, Mig, Linda and Karen's trailers.
Back row, left to right: Toni, Juli, Carolyn, Cori & my trailers.
 I found this 'Bustiere' at a yard sale & the girls insisted I model it... Linda tried to help my hook it up...
 AIR! aacckk! it was so tight I could barely breath....and to think women wore these for the sake of beauty and the perfect figure!
Ok, that's better...but I still can't breath!
Another year, another fun filled weekend at KampKaren. And it goes with out saying.... "what happens at  camp,,, stays at camp!"... lol!  Now someone get me out of this thing!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I am Back!

OMG! Have I been gone that long?
I have had a wonderful time Glamping & Camping and riding the trails of the Bitterroot Mountain Range....
SO where do I begin?
 It all started with our annual 'Sisters on the Fly shops the Farm Chick Show'  in Spokane... as always we Glamp at the river....and as always, Mig gets the party started! lol!
 We have such a fab-u-los time,,,meeting up with old and new friends....
 Then there is our (3rd) annual outing at Juli's camp down in Elk Idaho...
 I spotted this cute little set-up as I was towing my trailer over to Moscow, ID., to meet up with Juli before heading to Elk, ID.
 Sweet trailers all in a row,,,,doors open and ready to show!
 Our theme for this year was "Queen of the Trailer Park"  and oh did we have fun!
 Toni & I are former SO. CAL. Gal  Divas!
 Then there was 'Cowgirl Camp, part 1'  at Juli's over in Moscow, ID.... Cowgirls Rule!
 I camped in Juli's Cowgirl Palace, a 1958 Oberlin trailer done up in total cowgirl~esq.
 Juli has an amazing sunflower maze to which Karen & I could not resist playing in!
 At the end of the day it was nice to relax by my temporary home...
 and here is Miss Patty getting some quality puppy time with Ed's dog, 'TLR"...
Oh and it doesn't end here.... stay tuned for more fun on the trail.....

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I will be away from my computer on Sept.5 thru the 7th
Once again I will be hitting the trails, but this time with out my trailer,,,,I will be traveling the Bitterroot mountains, old Lewis & Clark trails by horse back and tent with 7 fab-u-los ladies who, like me, have a spirit for adventure. We will be out of range of cell, internet and indoor plumbing.... just experienceing God's beautiful creation.
Hubby is home holding down the Fort & taking care of our kitties and keeping everything watered.
I'll tell you all about my adventures when I return.
Hugz & Happy Trails,