Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Trailer????

MaryJane's Trailer
Hey, somebody's gotta wash these dishes....
Itty Bitty Trailer Sweet Trailer....

Too Cute & it is ready to go to a new home...Interested?
Ok, while Gary is working ever so hard & diligently on my GVR...I am peeking at another cutie of a trailer....
This one belongs to MaryJane from MaryJane's Farm.... this is such a cutie and I could see myself camping in about you?
I consider myself a good guest...I even do my own dishes! lol!
Thanx MJ for letting me check out your trailer....
This cutie is on display in front of her sweet shop across from the Coeur D'Alene Resort & Hotel in Idaho. But you can also go on her web site to get more info on it.
If you have not had the chance to check out her shop & are out that way, do so,,,you won't want to leave. Honest!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 2009

Wood Rot from water damage.

Starting the new frame work.
Gary checking out the frame work...kind of looks like a wooden Spider Web.

Here is one of the many reasons why we are re-building the trailer frame....major wood rot...But now it's at a point where the new frame supports can be added.
Gary is having to cut the wood down because all the sizing does not match today's sized wood. Plus he is having to re-create joints and supports...who knows, this little trailer may be around for another 50 years!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What GVR is suppose to look like!

Aljo Trailers 1958-61. Modernistic/Winnebago Corp.
Ok, someday she will look like one of these cuties,,,but for now, she is as naked as a Jay Bird!Gary has started cutting out the wood for the new frame and support joints...unfortunately he had to work today so he could not go out to the "Man Cave" and play this morning, but he gets off early and I suspect he will be out there, with the heater on, his favorite C&W radio station blasting and having fun with his tools.

"Give a man a hammer and saw & he will grouse about having to work on a project...give him some power tools and he will go play in the workshop all day!" lol!

Actually the framing should go up quite fast, then it's time to order assorted pieces, trims & what ever that is not worth putting back into the trailer. We found a great source to order parts from. It's a company in Oregon, called Interstate Metal Fabricators Inc.
You can download their catalog or contact them by email or phone:
Well while I am thinking about it, I should thumb through my catalog & start pricing the items I need to buy.