Friday, December 24, 2010

Wagons HO!

Is this cute or what!!!!
Blogger, Nancy, has several lil ol' trailers, and sets them up on her property like a little trailer park! complete with clothes line, push mower and passing by kitty....
Check out her blog at:

Happy Glamping & Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Farmgirl on the Loose.....

My dear friend Bev,,,,,knows about my Trailer addiction and so for Christmas she sent me these wonderful little goodies to use in my trailer (aka #3)
I am going with a retro farm girl theme in yellows, reds & Bev sent me this sweet fabric to use for my kitchen curtains.....OMG! I can hardly wait to get stitching...
The retro fabric is a Michael Miller fabric and the fruit print towel is my Moda Home fabric line and notice the sweet ric rac & crochet edge.
My lil kitchen in my trailer is going to be bright & fun.
Bev also sent me the cool vintage wood handled kitchen tools & cookie cutters!
I am such a lucky Trailer Diva! lol!
Thanx Bev.....

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A TeePee

While stopping off at our little Market in town, I spotted this kool trailer at the Christmas Tree lot. It's called a "TeePee"....I am guessing mid to late 1960's...
Sure wish I could have gotten a peek inside.....
I am guessing the springs have been flipped so the trailer rides higher......
It is so cool looking, I love the scrolly iron work at each side of the front window.
Update on the TeePee Trailer.
I got to take a peek inside the other day,,,oh my! it is just dreadful how beat up it was inside....some one had ripped out the interior and slapped together 2 sets of makeshift bunk beds,,, It has or should I say had a front kitchen,,,stacked & cluttered & beat to crap! But the original "Burnt Orange" colored mid 60's stove/oven was still in there...the interior walls were ruined from years of moisture damage and the floor was scary! It had been used for a typical 'hunters trailer' over the years (reason for flipped springs) & then bought by the current owner to haul up into the forests of Montana to live in while cutting down Christmas trees and then as a temporary living quarters for the tree lot sales man.....I got the phone number of the trailer owner....maybe I will give him a call in the Spring when he might be interested in selling? Who knows.
And like I say...."Show No Fear!".....besides, maybe hubby will have trailer #3 done and I can talk him into another 'project'! lol!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Knobs & Pulls....

Are these KOOOOL or what?
I found these knobs & pulls at Hobby Lobby...and they were on sale at 50% off! Squeal!!!!
These will go in trailer#3 and will look so way cute.
My colors are Primarily Yellow, Red & Green.
The black object behind the knobs is a cast iron bottle opener...
I think I will spray paint it red!
After all, "spray paint is your friend"!

Look What I Discovered...

Hubby & I were out at a vintage car junk yard recently and I spotted this old trailer.
From the looks of it, someone is or was living in it.( I was able to peek through an open window)
I think it might be a mid 1960's Terry travel trailer, but not sure.
Sure would love to get my hands on it, clean it up & bring it back to life.
It's a wonder it has not caught fire,,,check out all the cords plugged into each other....yikes!

Happy trails!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hallmark Ornament....cont'

Is this cute or what!!!!
This past Thursday evening about a dozen of us local Sisters on the Fly 'sisters' gathered for dinner at a Greek & very garlicky restaurant...yep, I reeked of garlic for almost 2!
Any howzers, Linda surprised me with this sweet ornament that I had been on a quest for.... Thank You So Very Much Linda....I Love It!
It is so cute, it has a little Holiday wreath on the back bumper and it even has a little detailed hitch up front. (it also can fit over a mini tree lite to lite up)
It will go on this years Christmas Tree, then afterwards it will go to it's new home in...oh dear, which trailer? lol!...ok it will go in which ever trailer I happen to be camping in....
Speaking of trailers, #3 "Farm Girl on the Loose" is coming along...Hubby had to buy new plug receptacles, the older ones didn't look good(safe), and better safe than sorry...Hubby also made new wood plate covers,,,way cool!
Floor & moulding trim still need to be done...
I need to go buy the cabinet & drawer pulls,,,at Hobby Lobby,,,they have the glass knobs I want at a decent price.
Ok, off to go play in the snow, yep, we got our 1st snow today...Happy Nov.13, 2010.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sitting Around the Campfire...

Girls version of "Hanging out around the campfire"...
Guys version of "Hanging out around the Campfire!"
Ummmm, so glad I am a!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trailer Park?

Trailer Park.... or.... Time Share Resort? lolololol!
I have 'dibbs' on the cute lil orange one!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hallmark's Happy Camper Ornament

Is this cute or what! I want One! It's a 2010 Holiday "Happy Camper" ornament by Hallmark.
I have been searching the Internet and have found it from $13 to $23....
I love being a 'Happy Camper"...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Working on Trailer #3

Well, it's in the mid 50's, cold, and the sun is shining so that makes it a perfect day to work on Trailer #3...aka "Farm Girl on the Loose"....
Since there is no room in the ManCave we have to keep #3 outside, covered...not to mention drag everything outside to work...
My husband is my Prince Charming! He could be inside the house watching football, but he knows how much I want to start decorating this trailer so here he is working on #3, even though it's cold outside.
Did I mention he is my Prince Charming?
What Mess?
The wood above the kitchen windows is up...
The back & side walls are done.....
All the molding will go on last after the main wood is put up.
Hubby has already replaced the old wire screens with new nylon screen.
Front cabinets done, the cabinet door fronts are ready to go,,,but first I need to locate the knobs I want & yep, found them at Hobby Lobby...I need 8 knobs.....but I will have to wait till next week to get out to the Hobby Lobby over in Spokane Valley.
The template is ready to take to the cutting table to trace out the new front for the wall to floor cabinet.
And here is the new front on the wall to floor cabinet.
We have re-insulated the ice box with Non-Formaldehyde insulation and put it back in.....
But now we are done for the day, it's getting really cold so the tools are put away until next weekend.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Karen's Shasta

My hubby spotted this sweet late model Shasta 14' trailer....I called Karen and 'nudged' here to go check it with me in pun! So we drove over to Post Falls Idaho...checked it out and well....Karen is now the proud owner of a sweet Shasta...Congrats Karen...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sister on the Fly 'Halloween HO-Down'

I am always amazed at the creativity of my "Sisters" gal-pals....
Bonnie had this lovely Palm tree stained glass made & installed in her sweet Oasis trailer.
Bonnie's Oasis & Tammy's Kenskill trailers.
New "Sister's", Phyllis and Connie joined us at the Spokane River. Phyllis has the Aladdin & Connie has the mini motor home.
Sister Francine's trailer has a Dutch Door,,,How Cool!
My lil Scotty w/a Potty...
Heather, Jan, Juli and Tammy just catching up on the latest Sister gossip....
Bonnie's cute Oasis trailer.
Heather's sweeeet "4-Chix Only" trailer...
I love this Logo that is on Tammy's newest-old trailer...
Nancy's fun trailer "Iron Pony"
Juli's newest old trailer, "Galaxy Girl"...
Fran found these cool retro dish towels made by Moda fabircs.
Halloween HO-Down, Sisters on the Fly, Oct. 2010
What can I say...except, what a fun weekend we had. Just a small impromptu get together of Gal Pals who are members of 'Sisters on the Fly'....we spent the past 3 days on the Spokane River camping, drinking coffee by the fire pit, watching the Heron's catch fish in the river, deer walking around our campsites...then there was the fantastic weather, great pot luck, oh and let's not forget the shopping, antiquing, yard saleing and general mischief that we got into.
We had some brand new sisters and some old sisters and it felt like we had been friends for ever.
And as always, it is bitter sweet to say good-by and go back to our worlds....knowing that most likely we won't get another camping trip in this year.
But watch out 2011,,,here come the "Sisters".....
Happy Trails to you, until we meet again....

Monday, September 27, 2010

Portable Generators

Well, I'd love to show you some updated photos of my little "Farm Girl on the Loose", trailer #3 but she is in the middle of a Make-over...but while waiting I thought I would share my thoughts with you on Portable Generators...
This is what we have for use in case of an emergency, just strong enough to run a radio, lights and operate small appliances like a coffee maker or toaster over, laptop etc....
I have even taking it with me on "Dry Camping" trips where I had no access to electricity to run my lights & Laptop computer in my trailer.
This little gem is a good10 years old but runs like a champ. Runs on gasoline & oil and can run several days with modest use on (it's) a small tank of gas.
Not to large, tho it is a bit heavy, about 60lbs. I keep it stashed in the jeep when not in use and when in use I have it chained to the trailer so it can't grow feet & walk away.... It's not terribly noisy and like I said comes in handy when you don't have power....
We actually got it when we lived back in California, just in case we lost power due to an earth least we would be able to make a pot of coffee & heat up some chili while listening to the news...
There are different sizes, models, wattage etc. generators out there,,,,and all levels of it just depends on what your needs are.
And, if you have 3 trailers like me, it's less expensive to tote one of these then to have to have inverters/marine batteries& wiring done on all 3 you can use the portable generator for emergency situations....
Ok, now to get back out and work on trailer #3.....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trailer Number "3".....

Welcome home little trailer,,,,,, Trailer #3
I have no idea what year or make she is...but I just had to adopt her.
(9/24...update...We think it is a 1964 FleetCraft, based on an other exact trailer w/o the back chopped off)

OMG! don't you just love the wrap around front windows? I know I do! It's like having a
wrap-around porch.....

She has seen better days and quite frankly has not been very loved, but that will all change...
I think the whole back end has been replaced, as the aluminum is not the same pattern as the front & sides, plus the make-shift metal band across the top was put on, rather crudely I might add, to cover the joining of the roof & back side.
But as I always say...Show No Fear!
The front and sides look fairly decent considering this old gal is about 40 + years old.
The Ice Box looks to be 1960's, and is Aqua color inside and very clean.
And it actually has a decent amount of storage space considering it's small size.
I love the aqua in the ice box, and no musty moldy smells anywhere. Whew!

It has cupboards above the sink as well as under....
The original Bankette/Dinette was here and most likely there was a small kids bunk up above, but who ever had this trailer removed the Bankette & put in a Full size bed....I threw out the bed foundation & mattress....I will re-frame this area and convert it into a twin bed/sofa and then on the wall just adjacent I will install a hinged table top that can be in a closed position when not in use and when I want to dine in my trailer I can flip it down. I have a cute little portable chair that will fit perfect in this spot.
I will buy a Futon mattress to fit on the Sofa/Bed like I did in my Scotty trailer.
More cupboard space & windows...Oh, & I have the perfect cute little Chandelier to fit in the kitchen area! SCORE!

Again, more storage, and the oven/stove is clean as a whistle. All I need to do is buy 3 stove rings to go on top of the stove burners.
All in All, I am really delighted....The underside has been totally rebuilt and in great saggies or squishies...
There is a small crack in the narrow front window that can be repaired with glass putty/sealer.
It also has new insulation in the walls...
I will have to do some crafty cosmetic work to cover up the "uglies" but there is very minimal water damage, I did find some light staining in 3 spots, but the wood was not damaged by it....That's what water seal & paint are for.
So,,,I am thinking this will be my "Farm Girl" trailer, using the "Whistle Stop Cafe'...Fried Green Tomatos" as my country theme...I think cheery red/yellow/green & blues will be the perfect color tones.
I will paint the walls a cheery yellow & use the other 3 colors as accent...Thank goodness I collect vintage linens, doillies & aprons....cuz I am going to need them for this "Country Farm Girl Cutie".
Well, now I am off to go play in my new play house......come join me, I will put on a pot of tea and slice up a piece of Apple Pie for us.
Happy Trails!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


R.A.O.K. in other words...Random Acts Of Kindness.....
Look what I received in yesterdays mail.... is this not the cutest?
Pink & black plaid fabric with cute lil Scotty dogs on it..I can hardly wait to create & sew something from first thought was an apron, but I have plenty of aprons (over a 100) so I am leaning toward a cute decorator pillow or? thinking thinking.....
I don't know if the pot holder is vintage but it is made of a terry cloth fabric and the opposite side is white with a red Scotty dog.
Then there is the Scotty dog cookie hubby is hoping to score some cute Scotty dog shaped cookies.... hmm, maybe I will need to make an apron after all to wear while baking cookies! lol!
A heartfelt Thank you to Heather in Colorado....another 'sister-in-crime & vintage trailer owner"
who sent me all these wonderful goodies.
Now to go make myself a nice cup of tea and enjoy my little goodies from Heather.
Can you see me grining from ear to ear?