Friday, June 29, 2012

Camping Fever...

OK,,,so what's a "sister" to do when she see's a fellowrette sister heading to the camp grounds? why stalk her of cource! lol!
So here is the story, Heather & I were out  hitting some yard sales, when we spotted this cute little "Bell' trailer heading down to the River (where we camp for Farm Chicks weekend)... So Heather and I decide to follow this cute little trailer,,, because it looked familiar and thats when we spotted the license plate frame that said "Sisters on the Fly" now we knew it was a fellow sister....When we arrived at the Ranger station we pulled along side the trailer, and got the drivers attention... it was none other then Kim, sister #2372...OMG! So we all headed to the campsite, hugged & then helped her back in and set up her "E-Z-Up" which by the way is not that easy! lol!
Kim and her "Bell of the Woods" trailer are just tooo cute!
But the story gets better.... while Heather and I were out at some yard sales in town we had spotted a cute and very new SCAMP trailer and I had mentioned how I missed my sweet 1976 SCAMP, 13' trailer and kind of wish I hadn't sold it... so fast forward... after we help get Kim setteled in,,, in pulls this,, the very same SCAMP, and sure enough it was the one we saw.... ok, how wild is that!
Gotta love the Sisterhood of Sisters.....
Sisters on the Fly,,making Girls out of Women....and friends for ever.....
Happy Trails!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Tool Basket"

OK,  so I am thinking... wouldn't one of these sweet old sewing baskets make a cut little vintage trailer First-Aid basket or a utility/tool basket?   I can fill it w/a  "7-in-1 tool",  some duct & electrical tape, scissors, rope, small hammer matches etc....perfect for inside the trailer and sew..I mean cute!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Simply said, and so true!

Curtains, Curtains, Curtains...

 I recently finished these curtains for Cori's trailer...we used a simple color scheme of Browns(tans & creams), Reds & Turquoise...the 3 meld together wonderfully I think.
 Although the kitchen curtains are not sewn yet, you get the idea.....
 I found this fab-u-los silk/cotton blend fabric for the side window.... and then I used a turquoise w/brown polka dots for the back .... the red adds a bit of a pop to everything!
Cori is going to have fun in her sweet Aristocrat~Land Commander!  Wagons HO!

Trailer Candle Cozy

 Last year at Kamp Karen's  one of the ladies, Denise, made a cute little candle cozy (below) for Karen as a sweet Hostess Thank~you gift..  (top one is mine, below is Denise's)
Well, I have been wanting to stitch one up ever since...but as usual,,,time slipped away and I had forgotten about it until just I decided to make one for myself....  I made mine a wee bit different from Denise's and I had so much fun in doing so.  The fun thing is you can make them from felt or from wool, and almost entirely out of scraps. For mine, I used silver snaps as the 'wheel' and I used black snaps for the ball on the hitch. I like both and I have decided to make a 2nd one,,,just because I can!  I have a stash of wool that is/was formaly skirts and jackets, cut up, laundered and felted (in the dryer) all of which were bought at the local Thrifts for a dollar or two... Gotta love re-purposed crafting!   Wagons HO!

Monday, June 18, 2012

I Don't Want to Grow Up!

I don't want to grow up~ I am getting older but I refuse to get "Old"!....

To say I had no idea about ageing is absurd!
As a child, I saw grandparents were old....
As a teen I scoffed at parents were old....
After all, age and getting old meant you had grey hair, wrinkles, wore bi-focals and were clueless....
or so I thought!

As a young adult, I despised getting old, I had no time for it, but I feared it,  that I would become 'like my parents'...

And now here I sit, wearing bi-focals and reminiscing, and embracing it... discovering that this 'age' thing isn't all that bad,,,, I can take aspirin for my achy joints, wear 'readers' to do the daily crossword puzzle or cross-stitch, and have an excuse for getting up umpteen thousand times to go to the bathroom in the wee hours of the night!

Now that I am here, and a member of "AARP"......I can embrace age, to be free of the 'ties' that controlled the very directions of my life.
Now I can do what ever I want,,, stay home and putter or travel the ends of the globe.
I can relax on the patio ever so leisurely while enjoying a glass of OPOLO Wine, preferably white,,,
Or sit out by my favorite river bank and just hang my toes into the water...I can even go Glamping and be silly with my non-judgemental old/new friends wearing petticoats, cowgirl boots & hats!.
I can play with my grandchildren and then go home when I am spent.

This 'age thing' is allowing me to have the best time of my life, and to be silly with my husband of a gazillion years and with whom I want to travel the ends of the globe with. 

Don't get me wrong, I still worry about things, finances, the economy, health and whether or not I am wearing the right shade of pink lipstick with this T-shirt!
I am still a 'List Maker'... but I noticed my list is not as long as it use to be and I am not as obsessed with completing it, I am even beginning to scratch things off my list as I realize they really are not that important.

I am not competitive as I use to be,,,I am no longer defined by a 'job title', a cookie cutter house with a manicured lawn, pricey shoes and matching handbag...or the right shade of red hair~dye #5....
I don't even worry anymore if friends drop by unexpectedly and my home is less than stellar in cleanliness.

I miss 'home' back in Southern California dearly and daily... I have heard people refer to California as the 'Land of Fruits & Nuts'.. maybe so,,, but I guess that is why I fit in so well, because I am Nutty about California. 
But life does not stand still, neither does aging... and isn't it all about stepping out of ones 'comfort zone'?
I have learned and am still learning to "Let Go, Let God" direct my path.
I now find it is more important to go outside, to garden, to putter in my trailer, to stomp around our little 5acre ranchette in my battered old cowgirl boots,,, with a kitty or two in tow or to have 'date night ' with my hubby, even if it is just a trip to Taco Bell.
I now just want to play,,, and play I shall!
So, I am 'letting go' of the constraints of 'age' and am embracing each new day and the 'gifts' it brings.

Good Bye 'Old Age' and Hello 2nd Childhood!  Bring It ON!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Farm Chick Show, June 2012

 Where is everyone? (my trailer)
 Hearther's trailer... but where is she?
 Juli's trailer,,,and no sign of her...
 Kayla's "Lil Loafer" but Kayla & Wendy are no where to be found...
 Hmm, Denise, Debbie, Linda and Bonnie's trailers...yet they too are missing...
 JuneBug, where are you?
 Karen,,, Hello!
Paulette,, really? you're gone too?
Where is everyone? Oh wait, that's right... they are either at the Farm Chick show or out Junktiqing!

More Fun Than Anyone!

 There was so much fun and silliness and cameras to capture the fun.
 Shaking our  'booties' and our 'petticoats'.... lol!
 Carolyn's 'baby bottle' wine glass... so cute and handy.
 Miggy 'flashing' her pettipants.... What happens at the campground, stays at the!
 The Wine Trailer Tour...everyone's  favorite event.
 "Out Glamping" can always spot "Martha Crockers" (Linda's) trailer...thanx to this cute re purposed license plate sign.
 Juli's 'TLLT'   (the Little Little Trailer) her mascot on Glamping trips.
No Glamping event would be complete with out sassy cowgirl boots.

SOTF Shops Farm Chick... 2012

 Your Hostesses with the Mostesess...myself, (left) and Juli (rt).
 Every trailer needs a pair of boots to add sass.....
 Never a shortage of  food, beverages and petticoats,,,,
 Who says camping means wearing jeans & flannel shirts!
 This years entertainment was provided by 'sister Paulette' and her "Mister Sister" (hubby)... and let me tell you,,, we had a blast learning how to belly dance in our petticoats...
 Social hour is also known as 'Progressive Trailer Touring'...everyone has 'goodies' at their trailers and loves to share. (p.s....BYOWG- bring your own wine glass)...
 Judy's Sassy attitude... does the petticoat make the Diva or the Diva make the petticoat?
 Hmmm, I suspect Karen & June emailed,,, let's wear our yellow petticoats....
 'Pretty in Pink...our very own Miss Patty....
and every Glamping event has to have a 'trailer cake'...oh and pay no mind to all those wine bottles...hahaha!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Update on My Blogger Issues...

Well Faschnizzles! I was so optimistic that Hub's had figured out why neitherer of us can/could post photos on our Blogs... turns out that 'JavaScript' had be disabled(uninstalled) on our computers...(mine is a P.C. & his is a Laptop) so imagine our delight when I was able to post onto my Blog via his for the maddening part... yesterday Hugs aka 'computer techsupportman' attempted to re-install JavaScript on my P.C....and after nearly 2 plus hours of installing/re-installing and some hair pulling, not to mention a few expletives,, I still can not post photos on my blog & I still get that same "Your Browser is no longer supported by Blogger., try Google Chrome" back to the drawing board... If we can't get to the root of the problem I guess I will have to take my P.C. into town to have it checked out...uugghh!

My other option is to transfer photos I plan to use over to his computer, access & post on my blog...what a pain...but it is what it is until we can figure out why Blogger doesn't like my computer.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Why I Have Not Been on My Blog!

Ok, is it just me, my lack of or antiquated computer skills that I can no longer post photos on my blog?
I keep getting a fragmented  page when trying to work on my blog... it still goes into automatic save mode... I can even set it all up,,,,upload photos, write and then when I click on either, 'Save', 'Preview' or 'Post' I get nadda!  only a white page and if I try to go back, I loose everything!

This is what is on top of my page...:
"Your browser is no longer supported by Blogger. Some parts of Blogger will not work and you may experience problems.
If you are having problems, try Google Chrome. | Dismiss "
I have searched the internet and  Blogger for help... I have done the 'Goggle Chrome' and it still won't let me post pics... I have changed my browser (which Blogger says mine is not compatible)..I've done the 'cookies' thing... Aaacckkk! what am I doing wrong?

Is it illegal to strangle my computer, my internet server and Blogger!?!

Funny thing is... I can 'write' and it will post... but just won't post the photos.... How am I suppose to brag about my vintage trailers, grandbabies or my kitties?

Pass me a Martini and a bag full of chocolates... I need stress refief, and I need it NOW!