Friday, August 31, 2012

Harbor Freight

Ok, first I have to tell you,,, "Harbor Freight" is to my hubby what 'Hobby Lobby' is to me! lol!
So today the hubby and I made a (not so) quick trip into his favorite store... "Harbor Freight" and look what we found.

 Hubby feels it is wise to keep this in the Jeep in case I ever come across another old trailer or what ever,,,
I won't have to worry about the lights not working.... so in my Jeep along with the Hitch it goes.
Actually it's probably not a bad idea to have on hand just in case my trailer lights go on the fritz!
 Then look what we found... how Koolieo are these... this is a under counter battery operated lite bar....and each light can turn and tilt... Perfect for dry camping... it uses 6 AAA batteries  and it has a dimmer.
Ok, even tho Harbor Freight is my hubby's favorite store...secretly I love it too!  

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dogs & Dots

People always ask my why the 'Dog' on my trailer and I tell them, it's because my trailer is a 'Serro Scotty' and the Scotty Dog was the Logo of these wonderful mid-century trailers.... thus...the Scotty Dog mural.
I was able to find an image I liked (on the Internet) downloaded it, sized it up then traced it onto my trailer.
I used acrylic paint to paint my Scotty...It has lasted 3 years so far with no signs of fading or peeling.
 Then people ask about the Dots...and I say...just because I can! lol!  I love the whimsy of the Dots...and let's face it, how many vintage Scotty trailers do you see traveling down the freeway with Dots on it?
Once, while at a 'Truck/Rest Stop'...a big burly truck driver got out of his rig, walked over to me... and asked..."Can I take a picture of your trailer? It reminds me of the one we had when I was a kid,,,with out the Dots of course!"... I was most happy to oblige.

Lady Marilyn...

I just had to share with you, 2 wonderful vendors that I met this weekend.... the 1st is Heather Dolle, who makes the most fab-u-los jewelery from vintage and re-purposed items.. I had to treat myself to a sweet pair of earrings made from old watches and whatnot's.... I forgot to take a photo of Heather and her booth, but here is a photo of the earrings.... Check her out in her etsy shop:TheVintageJem .
You can also find her on FaceBook.

The 2nd vendor I met was Erin Campbell of  Ladybird Creations. She designs handcrafted modern vintage jewelery,  handbags and accessories. She also has a etsy shop.  Erinsgems.
I did manage to get a few photos of Erin's "booth" and had to share with you.

 I love her use of vintage linens for window coverings..
 Check out her sweet 'cutter piece' quilt hand totes.
 Have you guessed what her shop is yet?  Sweet-n-pink...
 Every lady needs a blingy tote!
ok, now do you know! Yep! a sweet vintage trailer and yes, that is Karen aka kpaints... can you see the big grin on her face?  What's not to love about a sweet vintage trailer. 
Thank you Erin for sharing 'Lady Marilyn' with us.

The Party's Over...

 Here comes the Sun.... which can only mean one thing....time to have one last breakfast, hugs and time to return to our homes and families.... The Party's over my friends....
And this is proof that the party is over.... trailer laundry...oh joy! lol! But so worth it....We had a wonderful weekend. Hope you did too!

T.S.P. Part 3

The annual Buggy Barn Quilt Show.... 2013....
Pictured are (lft to rt) Heather who is hiding her purchases... Karen with her 'Tramp Art" find. Mig with her sweet perfume bottle find. Sherry holding a really cute metal picnic basket and Juli who scored 2 vintage paint-by-number pictures...  I of cource I am hiding behind the camera as always. lol!
 The Buggy Barn is a wonderful quilt shop tucked away out in the wheat fields of Reardon, Washington.
At the shop, you can buy the most fantastic fabrics, patterns and also attend quilting, felting, needle punch classes all year long. This is just one view of the quilts,,, there were over 200 quilts on display this a delightful vintage/crafters fair... The vendors are all the most lovelies people.
This quilt is perfect for Juli, Karen and I as we are heading out in 2 weeks to traps the Bitterroot Mountain  on horse back for 4 days..... YeeHaw!

What are Friends For?

 What are friends for? for laughs and tears, mischief and mayhem, support and encouragement and a whole lot more!  Here is a photo of myself(lft) and Juli(rt) this summer's Farm Chick Glamping trip.
Right after this trip I had cut off all my hair and sent it to "Locks for Love"... now I have very short hair... no longer am I a middle aged Hippy-Chick in cowgirl boots and hat! 
 so in honor of that,,,Juli donned a "Groovy" wig, tie dyed pants & t-shirt.... Peace!
 Oh and then there was our "Breakfast at Tiffany's " (aka~ my kitchen) ...once again,,Juli channeled her inner Diva!
Ah, the real Juli,,,, not only is she a true horse ridding cowgirl,,,but an avid gardener not to mention a true blue Vintage Trailer Glamper!

T.S.P. Part 2

 Welcome to my Trailer Slumber Party,,, where 6 gal~pals had a glamorous and fab-u-los weekend...
 These are my 2 trailers,, Mig glamped in the small one and Juli glamped in my Scotty.  SSSHHH! they are still sleeping! Sort of a B&B on Wheels...  :>)
 This is heathers sweet 1947 trailer all decked out in red toille'....
 On the left is Sherry's Aladdin and on the right is Karen's Shasta.....
 My two Scotty Mascots... I take them everywhere....I also have a wooden one that resides inside my trailer.
 How cute and clever.... we misplaced the corks in these 2 wine bottles,,,but Juli, the snappy thinker that she is,, picked up my 2 little solar lites & well, you get the idea! How clever is that?  Oh and you have to love weathered little tables ($1.00 find) for those who don't like the rustic look, a little table cover works to hide the uglies....
This is my little $4 metal cart find, perfect for displaying goodies.... as for the bowling pin,,,I could not resist...."B" could stand for Brunswick or... it could stand for "Brown"... lol!
We had a great time....

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trailer Slumber Party...part-1

 This vintage Aladdin trailer belongs to Sherry,,, a fellow Sister on the Fly and friend...She brought her trailer over for this weekend's Trailer Slumber Party... there will be 6 of us Glamping.
 I love the brown and blue scheme.... can you guess what her trailer is themed after?
 Check it out! an old office stamp holder, a little paint, hang it upside down and instant wine glass holder!  and yes, those are/were canning jars and candle holders...a little epoxy and Voila! cute wine glasses.
 I love her kitchen. She even scored a 'I dream of Jeannie' lunch box, coffee mug and salt & pepper shakers...
 I found a little Camel 'Beanie Baby' toy that fit's perfect in her trailer....
 Check it out! yep, that is a microwave (painted blue) below her oven... since there was venting in this cabinet for the oven it was the perfect choice for her mini microwave...she ran the plug up through the back and cut a small hole in the counter for the plug to come through so it can be plugged right into the wall socket. How clever it that....if nothing else,,, Trailer Divas are resourceful!
OK, have you figured out her theme yet? hahaha!  

Monday, August 20, 2012

FleetCraft...Then and Now!

 This is a 1964 13' FleetCraft camp trailer.....(not mine).
 This is MY 1964 FleetCraft with it's rear end cut off... (a previous owner's solution to wood rot repair!)
This is a 1967 15' FleetCraft.....

According to the sale's add... it has twin beds/bunks.
I have not found much info on my little trailer..which has a front kitchen and a small-Full bed across the back...and no Banquette/dinette...I can't help but wonder if maybe mine too had a small/twin size bed on one side and a small banquette across from the bed or maybe 2 twin beds with a table in between.... Anybody out there in Trailer Blogland know?

Rugs Make a Perfect Patio....

 My friends and neighbors all know how much I love to re-purpose and to Glamp.... so when getting rid of stuff they usually check with me first.
Well recently my neighbor was clearing out one of their old family Grain Bins that had been used a a storage bin...stuff had been sitting in there for well over 30-plus years... and some of the stuff is from the late 1920's.... needless to say, my neighbor came across this old rug which in it's day was probably a very nice and expensive rug...but sadly it was relegated to the Grain Bin where it became moth and rodent eaten, water stained and musty... so she asked if I could use it for anything... Well YEAH! it makes the perfect 'patio' for my trailers...
No more dragging in dirt....and it keeps everything clean... best of all the musty smell has gone away after 2 days of laying in the hot sunshine.
I just love 'hand-me-downs'....

Friday, August 17, 2012

Two Weeks?

OMG!,,, has it been 2 weeks since I last posted? yikes!  and I still have photos that I have not down loaded- up loaded- loaded loaded from Girl Camp! lol! But I will, as soon as I can figure out why my Nikon camera is copping an attitude with my computer.  My Canon works fine,, but my photos are on the Nikon. Go Figure!
 In the mean time, come on in and see what I have done in the Scotty....
Yep, I luv the 'curtain' screen door both the Scotty and  #3 have lace curtain screens....
 I have very limited space in the Scotty,,,and the banquette was bugging me because it made the inside feel somewhat claustrophobic,,,so I decided to remove the table (it's stored in the barn in case I want to put it back in the trailer) and I found the perfect little foldable table, at Wal-mart of all places...set it up, draped a vintage table cover and Wowzers! I now have space to move and yet still a table for my morning coffee and what now it's easier to sit down on the bench seats....before, I had to squeeze in,,,and I am not that big a person, so having guest's made it really cramped in there...and to think...back in 1963...a family of 4  could camp in this trailer! Umm, my hubby dearest is 6'1"... needless to say...if we had 2 kids,,,we'd have to make them sleep on the roof! lol!
Now to remove the wooden table stop (flange) and replace that spot with a piece of carpet...hope I still have the left over carpet in the barn...worse thing, I go to Lowes and buy a new piece of carpet and re-carpet that whole section (I mean...Hubby get's to re-carpet ).....

Friday, August 3, 2012

and more fun!

 Me (lt) and Toni (rt), It's all about being a 'Girl' no matter how old you are!  :>)
 My silly Lavender Queen outfit..frumpy and dumpy.. but I LUV my hat! A great last minute Thrift find. Altho' you can't tell, I am wearing rhinestone framed glasses.... A Queen has to have her Bling!  :>)
 Channeling their inner "Ester Williams" (lt to rt) Toni, Carolyn, Karen, Patty, DeeAnne & Bonnie.
This says it all!   :>)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Girl Camp Fun....

 Don't you just love these sweet trailers?....we jokingly refer to them as our 'Alter-Ego'...

 Whether your trailer is vintage, or brand new... it doesn't matter,,, just as long as you have fun!
 Juli surprised us with these sweet little cupcakes,,, that have ab-so-lutly "O" calories! lol!
 Linda is having a blast making the 'chicken' do the 'Chicken Dance' was a Hoot!
Ester Williams wanna be's..... like I say, 'it's all about the silly'.....

I actually have lots of trailer photos on my Nikon camera but my computer won't download them so I will have to download the pics on my hubby's computer and then transfer them over to mine... maybe tomorrow if I can manage to stay out of other mischief! lol!