Tuesday, November 2, 2021

It's almost Done!

Yay!, it's almost finished,, well except for the removable front door panals...
All that is left is to seal it up.. but because of the stupid rediculous price of lumber (thanks to COVID-19 and no one wanting to work).. so a normal sheet panal of plywood is $20 and now about $60 Crazy, but next summer when things are back to normal, well construct front removable panals. Hubby built a temporary front enclouser using white Tarps, I will have to take a photo, when it's not so cold outside! Because of COVID, we chose not to go camping,, which is ok, because we had lots of projects to finish up around the property... Now it is Autumn, and we are looking forward to the upcomming Holidays... Stay Safe and Healthy

Sunday, July 25, 2021

7 Months Later...

7 months later, and I have not posted... Well Bummer! Summer was soooo slow to arrive and then when it did,,, it did so with a vengence! We had several weeks of being up in the 100' degree temps, the hights was 107' which is Not normal for us here in Eastern Washington. We also have a lot of work around the property to do,, as well as several large renovation projects, that have kept us home,,, but,, I did pull the Aristocrate out of the Barn, and set it up so I can hang out in it and read.. how ever,, with the hot temps.. I can't sit out there for to long. Hubby and I did not get to do any camping last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic,, and so far, no camping due to work.. but our plans are to wait until the end of September and hit the road for a week or two, maybe go to the Coast for a week and then over to Montana for a week.. Hopefully we'll be back to Camping and Glamping next year.... fingers crossed.. In the mean time, Wagons HO... even if it is only in my day dreams.