Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trailer Stamps...

Look what I spotted in our little local ceramic shop....
This is a set of rubber stamps in a cute trailer theme! The gal stamped the ceramic dish, and then painted it... how cute is that!
I think I will search the internet to see who sells these stamps!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Sunset Magazine 2014

I was thumbing through this months issue of Sunset magazine when low and behold, on page 11,  I spotted this!
At first I thought, 'Seriously?' to take a sweet 1954 Boles Aero trailer and turn it into a Bar, a traveling Bar no less',,, but then I thought, "Actually how koolieo would that be at one of our Trailer outings''... so I guess it just all depends on how you look at it! lol!  and Cheers!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Oh Good Golly!

Oh Good Golly!!! when did I amass soooo much trailer stuff?
I went out to the garage, out of curiosity, to see how many 'bins' of trailer deco stuff I had... YIKES!
I counted 13 bins, 3 suitcases, several 'Jugs', train cases, port-a-bars, etc...  Yikes is an understatement!
 and there are more bins behind this stuff!
 not to mention left over flooring vinyl from a previous trailer repair.
 and what you don't see in these photos are the Jugs, train cases, vtg. iron boards... and more stuff on the other side!
I need an Intervention... or a bigger garage! 
After all, the one who dies with the most trailer deco stuff... is the Winner! Yippee!
I am a Winner!  lol!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nice Weather...

Well here it is, almost the middle of October, and we are still having lovely warm weather... I wish I could squeeze in one more Glamping trip, but alas, to many things to do right now..

SO I think I will be sure to keep a smile on,  by placing some of my 'lil trailers' strategically through out the house...
I especially  love this one because it is from my Aunt and Uncle over in Prescott Arizona.

Oh and on a recent outing up to Merced, we found a 'Hobby Lobby' (craft store on Steroids)!
and I spotted this cute cookie jar, but it was quit pricey and only 30% on sale... so the next time I am up in Merced, I will mossy on over to Hobby Lobby and see if they have gone to 50% on sale which brings the jar down to $24.00.
 Cute jar to store the Christmas cookies in!
 fun details all around..
even the back side is 'Jolly'...

2014 SOTF Outing at the Beach...

Well once again, 'sister' Carol and her 'posse' hosted a Sisters on the Fly Luncheon over in Ventura
by the Beach... ALOHA Steakhouse was our destination...
So, Coni #4968 & I cruised down to Newbury Park, and stayed at my mother's home then the next day we drove up  to Ventura to meet up with the SOTF gals...
  We had a delightful lunch and then we converged onto Main street where all the fun Junktique shops are... and look what I scored!
I have another one of these 'Cocktail Decanters' so I think I will put this one in 'Tin Cup' (Silver Streak).. Did someone say Martini!?!? lol!
I still have not decided yet whether I will paint and decorate this one or leave it as is..

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Trailer Cash...

Oh MY!!! what a cute 'paint your own' trailer 'cash' bank...
We have a local pottery shop, the type where you go, paint & then they fire it.... So my plan is to make this one look like my 'lil Scotty with a potty'...