Friday, January 27, 2023

Blogger messages..

Well fiddle sticks!! for some reason, I have not been getting text messages through my BlogSpot site... So for those of you who have my personal hotmail address, pleaaee use that.. I still have issues trying to post on here.. so I just have not bothered.. In a Nutshell,, all is well.. We are having a long cold and snow filled Winter... I try to spend more time in my crafting-sewing room and less time by the television.. :>) Our sweet rescue kitty, Sissy, has turned into such a 'love-bug'.. she wants to be around us all the time... she tolerates Ginger our dog and Ginger wants so badly to be friends.. I think it will not take to long for Sissy to be comfortable around Ginger,.. Sissy has been with us 9months... and she thinks she is the boss of the house! (and she is !) I have decided to start back to Cross-stitching.. a hobby I loved so much, but had stopped doing because of my poor vision.. I have been motivated by a friend in Berlin, to start cross stitching again. Wish me luck..
I stitched up this little Gnome for Autumn and I also made one for Christmas, but I forgot to take a photo before I put away all my Christmas decorations..
Yes, cat's do love boxes! :>)
When I tell Sissy she is not the Boss.. she just laughs!! Have a healthy and happy weekend..