Sunday, July 25, 2021

7 Months Later...

7 months later, and I have not posted... Well Bummer! Summer was soooo slow to arrive and then when it did,,, it did so with a vengence! We had several weeks of being up in the 100' degree temps, the hights was 107' which is Not normal for us here in Eastern Washington. We also have a lot of work around the property to do,, as well as several large renovation projects, that have kept us home,,, but,, I did pull the Aristocrate out of the Barn, and set it up so I can hang out in it and read.. how ever,, with the hot temps.. I can't sit out there for to long. Hubby and I did not get to do any camping last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic,, and so far, no camping due to work.. but our plans are to wait until the end of September and hit the road for a week or two, maybe go to the Coast for a week and then over to Montana for a week.. Hopefully we'll be back to Camping and Glamping next year.... fingers crossed.. In the mean time, Wagons HO... even if it is only in my day dreams.

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